World’s Leading Car Manufacturer Adopts Infortrend Storage to Increase Performance by 50% for Enterprise File Storage and Server Backup

Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, modernized IT infrastructure of world’s leading car manufacturer with EonStar GS unified storage for file storage and server backup. The solution provided stable performance and data protection, which greatly benefitted to overall productive performance of the company.

World’s leading automaker had a legacy storage system, which was used by employees from different departments and required daily full server backup. IT Department was constantly receiving complaints that the existing File Server didn’t provide fast enough access, especially to large files during peak hours. Server backup also took long hours, even overlapping with production hours, which negatively affected company’s productivity.

Their System Integrator, IO Datamovers, found EonStor GS is suitable to solve the problems. For the regional office and the factory, SI deployed two systems of unified storage EonStor GS 1000.

GS solved the main issue of slow access to files and greatly improved performance of server’s full backup from hours to within minutes. At least 50% faster file access greatly contributes to improving employees’ productivity. For marketing team, it helps with meeting deadlines in creating advertisement materials, for design professionals — with sharing files on production site/office, while making sure company’s ‘know-how’ is protected with properly structured user authentication.

“Infortrend storage dramatically improved file access performance and reduced server backup time to help workers of the famous car manufacturing company increase productivity output and, hence, gain higher profits,” said Kelvin Chuah, Sales Director of IO Datamovers.

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