The Delegation of the National Development Council Attends the 8th Open Government Partnership Global Summit to Showcase Taiwan’s Achievements in Promoting Open Government

Led by Deputy Minister Shien-Quey Kao, the delegation of the National Development Council was invited the 8th Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit held in Tallinn, Estonia, from September 6 to 7, 2023. The members of the delegation, including the Secretary General of Control Yuan Judy Fu-Meei Ju, Member of Executive Yuan Open Government National Action Plan Taskforce, Chi-Ming Peng […]

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TCI Introduces VeCollal®, the Biomimetic Collagen Most Identical to Human Collagen from Belgium Validated by Human Clinical Study.

VeCollal®, located in Belgium, is a renowned global leader in developing collagen sourced from non-animal origins. The company possesses a strong scientific background and comprehensive clinical trial data. Dr. Josué Vázquez, the Chief Scientist of VeCollal®, is well-known for his expertise in biomaterials and tissue engineering, holding a Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering and Precision Medicine. […]

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