At-home Health & Wellness Solutions Critical During Covid

Jeremy Rolleston, two-time Olympian and founder of Active8me (a health technology startup recently awarded Best Health & Wellness platform in Asia), today said there was a desperate need for at-home health and wellness solutions given the current chronic disease epidemic and the impacts of COVID-19.

“60 per cent of the world’s diabetics (an estimated 96 million people) are in Asia, 90 per cent of whom have type 2 diabetes, which is preventable. And there are many more undiagnosed,” Rolleston said.

“If there is one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it is we can’t take our health for granted. And yet three out of four people in the world today will die from preventable diseases.”

“For the first time in history chronic diseases now kill more people than infectious diseases. For the first time in history more people now also die from the impacts of sedentary lifestyle and eating too much rather than eating too little.”

“Is this a concern? Yes. Is COVID-19 exacerbating this Asian health crisis and the need for mobile health care? Absolutely,” he said.

Rolleston said as a result individuals, employers, insurers, health providers and governments were increasingly seeking preventative health support and programs via the convenience of mobile technology.

“Active8me is significant because we provide customized digital care programs beyond the walls of doctor, hospital and traditional health care settings,” he said.

“Our app provides preventative health support at your fingertips. It’s available anytime and anywhere, which is crucial during a global pandemic when many people are working from home.”

“We leverage technology to deliver a complete preventative health solution – exercise, nutrition, mindset, tracking, live support and health coaching, with everything in one convenient place on your mobile.”

“Active8me stands at the intersection of health and technology, providing a scalable mobile health and wellness solution at a time when preventative health is important than ever,” Rolleston said.



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