Fintonia secures CMS license upgrade, with mainstream adoption of digital assets driving greater demand for partnerships from traditional and crypto native institutions

Fintonia Group (Fintonia), a licensed financial institution focusing on digital assets and crypto, has successfully upgraded to a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This further reinforces Fintonia’s position as a trusted and licensed player in the industry. Fintonia has also formed partnerships with other traditional financial institutions and crypto native companies who […]

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Minderoo Foundation’s groundbreaking Plastic Waste Makers Index (PWMI) 2023 shows the planet’s plastic pollution problem is worsening, and new estimates of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from single-use plastics demonstrate how single-use plastics producers also contribute to the climate crisis. The report’s key findings reveal: The Plastic Waste Makers Index 2023 brings the benchmark up to date with data to the end…

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Singapore-headquartered agri-genomics firm Singrow launches world’s first climate-resilient strawberry variety

The cutting-edge genomics technology behind this strawberry variety presents an opportunity to transform the US$ 12 trillion agriculture[1] industry Singrow, a Singapore-based agri-genomics firm that has developed a proprietary genomics technology platform, has just announced the launch of the world’s first climate-resilient strawberry variety. The novel strawberry variety is the first application of this transformative technology. The…

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Accelerating Energy Efficiency Adoption, Deep-tech Startup KrossLinker Develops a Cost-effective Aerogel Insulation

KrossLinker, an energy-efficiency-focused deep-tech advanced material startup, is designing and developing the world’s most insulating nanomaterial, aerogel, that is low-cost, environmentally friendly, and scalable. Efficient and sustainable solutions for the most demanding insulation applications KrossLinker’s first aerogel product, Cryar® Aerogel Board, targets the cold-chain industry, where a positive market growth trend is…

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Azentio Software recognized as a Notable Vendor in Leading Research Firm’s Digital Banking Engagement Platforms Report

Azentio Software (‘Azentio’), a Singapore-headquartered technology firm owned by funds advised by Apax Partners, today announced that it has been recognized as a Notable Vendor in the Digital Banking Engagement Platforms (DBEPs) Landscape Report, Q1 2023, published by leading research and advisory firm Forrester. The report aims at helping digital leaders in banking, understand the value they […]

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