PLUS Goes into High Gear with Residential Property Management Business amid Heightened Competition Growth Target Set at 20% As Company Leverages Superior Service Quality

Naruemon Arporntanakul, Assistant Managing Director for Residential Project Management at Plus Property, the full-service professional property and facility management agency, revealed that “2023 remains another challenging year for the residential buildings management business despite property businesses overall experiencing an improved recovery. 

The residential projects management business has encountered significantly greater competition from existing as well as emerging competitors, while clients’ demands have shifted.  As a result, PLUS’s gameplay this year involves proactive acceptance of management contracts at new low- and high-rise projects in Bangkok and major cities in the provinces.  PLUS currently leads in terms of space under management, which amounts to 18 million square metres.  It is currently responsible for 355 projects, 20% of which have consecutively employed the services of PLUS for more than 10 year.  This reflects how PLUS’s capabilities and service standards are acknowledged and trusted by client groups.  At PLUS, our work standards stand out from general service providers as we elevate the quality of work in all aspects that are relevant to living, space utilisation and the management of resources, with an aim of making processes efficient and conform to global standards.  Quality is guaranteed by ISO, including the ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 41001 facility resources management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system.  We also have the Fitwel standard for overall wellness of building users.”

In 2023, PLUS is placing emphasis on strategies to proactively make headway into the residential projects management business under the concept “YOUR PROFESSIONAL ALLIANCE”.  There are 3 core principles PLUS employs to professionally deliver its service:

1.PROFESSIONAL TEAM.  PLUS’s team of professionals are ever-ready to understand its clients and the residents at PLUS-managed projects in all aspects.  The team carries out surveys to extract information, conducts analyses of loopholes or issues, and lay down plans to resolve issues.  It is also relentless in its search for various solutions that may be applied for improved oversight of a property project’s physical attributes, residents’ living quality and the ambience within a property project so that these aspects are optimally managed.  PLUS’s long experience in caring for diverse property projects at all price ranges enables its team to appreciate diverse needs of clients and able to design customised services for each project.  Individuals with special proficiency in various matters are also selected to become part of the team so clients’ quality of life can be looked after without compromise.

2.PROFESSIONAL STANDARD.  Global standards are adhered to in the work done by PLUS.  This ensures professionalism, accuracy and correctness.  Staff are trained to have an ownership mindset so they may work alongside clients, the juristic person committee or the building owner in ways that prioritise the interests of the clients.  Quality control is employed, work is carried out transparently and all steps of work can be traced.  The PLUS Eduplex institute regularly holds training for PLUS staff to reskill and upskill them and promote effective teamwork, resulting in the personnel being able to professionally deliver work that conforms to standards.  Personnel are also augmented with special skills developed in collaboration with external agencies from the public and private sectors.  Special curricula are devised to advance these specific skills in personnel and foster professional standards in residential property care in light of the growth of the real estate sector.

3.PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM. Systems and applications receive improvements so they may better serve the needs of clients. The Living Management System (LMS) และ Building Operation System (BOS) afford PLUS clients with greater convenience.  They enable receipts and invoices to be issued with accuracy, increase the contact or action channels available to clients, improve data collection and archiving, and streamline the management of project assets, resources materials and equipment.  They help with inspections of assets and reduction of unnecessary expenses.  Furthermore, the PLUS team analyses supplier information when selecting products and services so only those which are of appropriate quality and price are chosen for clients’ use.  At the same time, the Plus Living Concierge function offers new services that respond to a greater scope of clients’ lifestyle requirements. 

“PLUS is expanding its portfolio of new projects in all segments, with a growth target of 20% compared to 2022, or a value of 166 million baht.  The ratio currently involves condominiums accounting for 76% while detached homes and townhomes account for 24%.  Since the beginning of the year, 10 new juristic person management work has been secured at condominiums and housing estates.  6 of the projects were condominiums and 4 were either detached home or townhome projects.  Trust was placed in us by existing clients who recommended us to others and by new clients who had confidence in our management work that makes use of more than 25 years of expertise in property management.  Our quality team is highly experienced with long-term care for residents and possess understanding of building management work in all aspects.  These include the management of people’s co-existence, attention to all details concerning clients, work transparency, appreciation of building laws, and management of suppliers – all of which require plans to be constantly laid down.  PLUS is ready to deliver living experiences by performing as Your Professional Alliance, offering professional care that is always by your side,” said Ms. Naruemon.

Plus Property currently manages more than 350 residential projects and facilities, with a combined space under management exceeding 18 million square metres.  Interested parties may acquire more information by visiting or calling 02-688-7555.

Source: PLUS Property