Bangchak Ranks 12th of WorkVenture’s Top 50 Employers Voted by the New Generation

Chokchai Atsawarangsalit, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Management and Organization Development, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited received the award at WorkVenture – Top 50 Companies in Thailand 2023 or the 50 Top Employers 2023 voted by the new generation, presented by Jens Pold, Chief Executive Officer, WorkVenture Technologies Company Limited. Bangchak was nominated to be among the top 50 companies by the new generation since 2018, ranking 12th in 2023, ranked 17th in 2022, as a company that meets the needs of the new generation in terms of employment experience and the ability to attract, persuade, and engage with the target group. Bangchak prioritizes human resource development alongside corporate growth implementing a 100XHappiness approach to deliver 100 times the happiness to employees, and committed to becoming a sustainable beyond 100 years organization or Bangchak 100x

Source: Bangchak Corporation

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