Huawei joins hands with PlanetComm to elevate competition in Thailand’s Data Center Market

Huawei Digital Power Thailand has joined hands with Planet Communications Asia Plc. (PlanetComm) to penetrate the data center market in Thailand via their new Prefabricated AIO Data Center FusionModule DC 1000A, with the aim of providing Thailand with one of the most advanced environmentally friendly data center solutions available.

Mr. Logan Yu, President of Digital Power Dept, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said about the partnership: “As one of the world’s leading green-energy technology providers, Huawei Digital Power is committed to providing the most advanced data center modules to its partners and customers. Huawei is honored to provide our environmentally friendly prefabricated data center module to PlanetComm. As a partner, Huawei will offer the most efficient data center facilities possible as well as provide their wealth of knowledge and experiences to PlanetComm. We believe that this collaboration will greatly benefit Thailand’s data center market and mark a significant step forward for green data center trends across Thailand and global industries.”

Mr. Prapat Rathlertkarn, CEO of Planet Communications Asia Plc., punctuated the start of the long-term partnership between the two parties by underlining another significant development in data center trends in Thailand: “With the Government announcing tax exemptions for businesses related to data centers in Thailand, the demand for data centers has undeniably grown. PlanetComm is looking for a partner that meets our high standards and requirements for data centers. Huawei’s Prefabricated AIO Data Center FusionModule DC 1000A more than meets the level of efficiency and reliability we are looking for. With the same mission and vision, we are very pleased to welcome Huawei into an alliance with PlanetComm and will continue our goal of introducing new technologies to the market in accordance with the increasing needs of data center trends in Thailand.”

Under this collaboration, both PlanetComm and Huawei aim to bring forward the new Prefabricated AIO Data Center FusionModule DC 1000A to Thailand’s markets, an all-in-one solution for outdoor edge data centers. The solution offers higher efficiency, lower carbon emissions, quicker delivery time, a longer lifespan, and better O&M efficiency than traditional data centers.

Mr. Prapat Rathlertkarn added: “In addition to being one of Huawei’s most recent value-added partners, PlanetComm is also an experienced data center technology provider that stands as one of the most significant players in the data center market in Thailand, largely thanks to its vast experience with containerized data centers, telemedicine, smart pole for digital cities, Cloud CCTV, and more. PlanetComm aims to become a key digital technology provider that offers the best green ICT infrastructure to its partners and customers, a vision that coheres neatly with Huawei’s vision for the future. Through this partnership, PlanetComm and Huawei Digital Power Thailand aspire to promote prefabricated data center modules in Thailand’s markets and are committed to continue this initiative in accordance with rapidly increasing zero-carbon trends and the need for reliable data centers in Thailand.”

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates