DigiMobi, powered by GpsGate software, awarded Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) solution contract by Hong Kong International Airport

GpsGate, an industry-leading fleet management software company, confirms today the DigiMobi contract renewal by Airport Authority Hong Kong for the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). DigiMobi is a leading vehicle tracking services (VTS) provider in Hong Kong and a GpsGate customer for over a decade.

HKIA handles flights to around 200 destinations and operates round-the-clock. They have over 200 aircraft parking bays and nearly 5000 airport vehicles and ground support equipment including fueling trucks, baggage tractors, and service vehicles. Since 2015, DigiMobi has provided vehicle tracking services to HKIA. Thanks to GpsGate’s outstanding features, DigiMobi won a new contract to provide services through 2025 after a tendering process and compliance testing.

A leader in technology adoption, HKIA has been awarded World’s Best Airport many times and by multiple publications. The fleet management solution allows the AA to identify potential problems and solve them before they happen. This saves money, increases resource utilization, and helps provide a stellar passenger experience at HKIA.

The fleet management system includes all standard tracking features. It also includes apron road traffic detection and seamless indoor/outdoor tracking of baggage tractors. GpsGate Server displays the current traffic conditions on the apron through changing geofence colors, and the baggage tractors switch from GPS to Bluetooth & iBeacons for seamless outdoor/indoor tracking.

Project overview:

  • up to 5000 vehicles/GSE (ground support equipment)
  • over 17000 drivers
  • up to 500 simultaneous system operators
  • nearly 300 separate subscriber companies
  • over 99.9% system uptime

For further information, please contact:

Sven Vedin 
VP of Sales 
+46(0)8 612 50 70

About GpsGate

A pioneer in VTS and fleet management software, GpsGate was founded in Stockholm in 2007. GpsGate software is user-friendly, secure, and optimized for large fleets. Designed for solution providers, the white-label platform features open APIs for system integrations, a flexible user interface, and a scalable and extensible foundation. Learn more at https://gpsgate.com/success-stories/digi-mobi-hong-kong-airport.

About DigiMobi

DigiMobi is a leading provider of VTS fleet management solutions in Hong Kong using GpsGate Server as their backend software. Since 2008, DigiMobi has been helping companies manage their mobile resources anywhere and anytime using IoT solutions and big data. Learn more at https://www.digimobi.net.

Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest