Cell Impact Forming™ demonstration line to be installed in Japan

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) will set up a Cell Impact Forming™ flow plate demonstration line in Japan in collaboration with leading Japanese auto parts supplier F.C.C. Co., Ltd. For several years, Cell Impact has carried out customer development projects for flow plates in Japan, a significant market for fuel cells and electrolysis equipment. The Japanese market is […]


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G999, Lydian World virtual World Game, Lydian Escrow Protocol, decentralised Excange, decentralised Finance Platform: Everyone can be part of success

GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, Sweden: The future of the financial sector is currently being explored worldwide against the backdrop of the fabulous digital hype! Decentralised digital networks, which are summarised under the term “DeFi”, promise a more transparent and, above all, more efficient financial system. DeFi” stands for “decentralised finance” and is based on […]


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Uniting for Action Against Psoriatic Disease

World Psoriasis Day Psoriatic disease is a disfiguring and disabling condition with no known cure. Visible skin plaques and inflamed joints are characteristic physical symptoms, but people living with psoriatic disease also face many emotional, social, and economic hardships. It is time to put an end to their suffering. On October 29th, World Psoriasis Day, […]


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TCO Certified quiz reveals what we know about e-waste

“Talking about e-waste is really important to help buyers take a more holistic approach to their electronic goods”, says Gabriella Mellstrand, Marketing and Communication Director at TCO Development. October 14th is International E-waste Day, an initiative aimed at reducing the burden that e-waste places on the environment and saving natural resources. To support educational and […]


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DigiMobi, powered by GpsGate software, awarded Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) solution contract by Hong Kong International Airport

GpsGate, an industry-leading fleet management software company, confirms today the DigiMobi contract renewal by Airport Authority Hong Kong for the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). DigiMobi is a leading vehicle tracking services (VTS) provider in Hong Kong and a GpsGate customer for over a decade. HKIA handles flights to around 200 destinations and operates round-the-clock. […]


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New report helps IT buyers avoid greenwash and false claims

In complex product categories such as IT, social and environmental risks run high. TCO Development, the organization behind the sustainability certification for IT products TCO Certified, has launched the new report  ‘Navigating the Sustainable IT Revolution – The critical role of independent verification’. The report helps buyers worldwide accurately verify social and environmental aspects of […]


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First servers for data centers certified for sustainability

Like other IT products, data center products come with social and environmental challenges. With Hewlett Packard Enterprise taking the lead, the first servers are now certified according to the rigorous sustainability criteria in TCO Certified. TCO Certified is the global leading sustainability certification for IT products. With environmental and social criteria, TCO Certified covers the full […]


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