NIFTY marks its 10th anniversary in Thailand

In 2022, NIFTY has reached the 10th year of maternity protection in Thailand, receiving tens of thousands of pregnant women’s trust and choices for comprehensive prenatal screening. A total of over 60,000 NIPT tests were completed across the country.

NIFTY is the world’s leading non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) using whole genome next-generation sequencing technology to screen for Trisomy 21, 18, 13, and sex chromosomes as early as the 10th week of pregnancy. Just a tiny amount of the mother’s blood is collected to analyze the fragments of DNA from the fetus and NIPT is recommended for all pregnancies from singleton to IVF..

A large-scale study on NIPT as the screening test in Thai population has been conducted for the first time, collaborated with Chulalongkorn University and other leading international institutes. This research demonstrates that that NIPT showed excellent performance as screening tests for the detection of fetal T21, T18, and T13 in mixed-risk pregnancies in Thailand.

NIFTY would like to thank all mothers for trusting us to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We will continue to provide high-quality services and enhance the importance of prenatal screening for every pregnancy. ? ?#10yearsNIFTYThailand #NIFTY #NIPT #downsyndrome

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Source: Bangkok Genomics Innovation