GED Joins the Fight Against PM 2.5 Dust Crisis Provides Forest Firefighting Equipment in 4 Districts, Chiang Mai Province

GED Joins the Fight Against PM 2.5 Dust Crisis Provides Forest Firefighting Equipment, Medical supplies, and Health Education Seminars in 4 Districts, Chiang Mai Province

Amidst the severe PM 2.5 dust situations in the northern region, especially during the month of March, the dust pollution PM 2.5 of Chiang Mai Province is the highest in the world. Great Eastern Drug Co., Ltd, the owner of a non-drowsy antihistamine “Allernix” and a cold medicine “Decolgen” concerned about people and staff extinguishing the forest fires. Therefore, the company provided forest firefighting equipment, medical supplies, and health education seminars in 4 districts, Chiang Mai province.

Pharmacist Jaroen Wongariyakavee, OTC Sales Director, GED, said, “The company cares about the safety and health of the firefighting team and people who have been living in high concentrations of PM 2.5 dust for a long time. Therefore, we initiated a project to supply equipment to support the work of the staff. Starting at Mae Chaem District, Chiang Dao District, Omkoi District, and Doi Lo District where forest fires are always present.  In commemoration of the 60th anniversary, GED has long-term plans to support other areas. Besides, the company is willing to cooperate with both the public and private sectors to solve these problems sustainably.”

“In addition to firefighting air blowers and water sprayers, for optimal comprehensive care, GED provided Allernix, a non-sleepy antihistamine, N95 masks, medical supplies and other essential items to forest firefighters. At the same time, the company’s pharmacist team has joined local doctors on a trip to educate people in order to build awareness about the dangers, prevention, and alleviation of various allergies from toxic dust PM 2.5 as well “

Ms. Phattanan Phitakham, Senior Permanent Secretary (Special Administrative Officer), Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province said, “We are very pleased that the private sectors see the importance and contribute to the support of the staff. They also concern for the health of the people in the area. This year, the overall dust situation in Chiang Mai is better than last year. However, every sector, including the subdistrict headmen, the village headmen, the government agency, and the volunteer still have to work together to keep an eye on forest fires in the area.

Today I would like to thank GED very much for providing us firefighting air blowers, water sprayers, pharmaceutical supplies, N95 masks, and many other necessary items. These will help support the team to work more efficiently.”

Dr. Peerachai Duangsa-at, MD, Emergency Room Physician, Rajvej Chiang Mai Hospital, suggested, “People in the risk areas should avoid outdoor activities. Without an air purifier or  filter, planting trees that can trap dust inside the house or around the house will help filter dust to a certain extent.  Drink a lot of water to cleanse the toxins in the body to be excreted through the urine. Wear a N95 mask when outdoors. If not available, tissue paper can be stacked with a mask.

The general public can learn more about the prevention and treatment of various types of allergies at the website:, Facebook:, YouTube: GEDGoodLife, and  Line: @gedgoodlife

Source: Great Eastern Drug