Technology Asia Bay Area Smart Kaohsiung

2021 for Kaohsiung Smart City is a milestone. It’s the first time Kaohsiung has become a co-organizer of Smart City Summit & Expo. Kaohsiung’s Department of Transportation’s “Smart Intersection Anti-Collision” also earned this year’s innovative application award. Mayor Chen Chi-Mai at the awards ceremony again thanks President Tsai for initiating the 11 billion dollars over 5 years to let Asia Bay Area become Taiwan’s most complete 5G AIoT laboratory, smart city’s newcomer.

Mayor-Chen Chi-Mai said that Kaohsiung will bring better public services and attractive investment opportunities through discount programs, encourage more companies to settle in Kaohsiung, develop public and private business models, and shape an innovative supply chain to build a smart city.

Focusing on the Asia Bay Area, Mayor Chen Chi-Mai announced, Kaohsiung additionally provides businesses with equipment investments over 400 million dollars financing plans with 0% interest. In assigned areas, the rent provides a “006688” discount plan, where the first two years the rent is free, the 3rd and 4th year, the rent is 60% and the 5th and 6th year, the rent will be 80%. Newly established plants will enjoy a 2 million dollars building tax subsidy over 5 years. This will attract a higher employed population, younger population. On worker’s salary, we will also subsidize newly hired employees up to 25% of the salary, at most 200 people can enjoy this benefit. This encourages more businesses to land here in Kaohsiung, developing public and private business models, shaping an innovative supply chain to build a smart city.

This year’s Smart City Summit & Expo, Kaohsiung adopts the theme of “Technological Asia Bay Area, Smart Kaohsiung”, demonstrating technological Asia Bay Area as Kaohsiung smart city’s center, building a comprehensive 5G network, promoting smart services to whole Kaohsiung, and utilize the fact that Kaohsiung is the home to both a seaport and an airport, allowing smart products and services to quickly export to new southbound countries.

Earning this year’s smart city innovative award “Smart Intersection Anti-Collision” project, through incorporating road detection mechanism “Changeable Message Sign”, we implement short-distance wireless transmission technology. It will alarm as light railway passes through. On top of this, light railway has “On Board Unit”, and this sends information to the light railway driver, reducing up to 80% of the traffic incidents.


Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest