Pac Technologies launches limited edition digital card for fans of Manny Pacquiao

Pac Technologies, a Singapore-based startup has launched PacPay, a limited edition digital card targeted at fans of champion boxer Manny Pacquaio.

With PacPay, fans who subscribe to the digital card can deposit funds and make seamless QR code payments at over 61 million merchants worldwide. They can enjoy exclusive access to a host of privileges including private event tickets, limited edition autographed merchandise such as t-shirts and boxing equipment, discounts, game rewards and other benefits of the PacPay Loyalty Programme.

There are also plans for mobile games from game developer Just4Fun Pte Ltd to be included in the PacPay ecosystem to attract younger fans.

The PacPay ecosystem will encourage fans to engage with each other through these mobile games and the exchange of exclusive memorabilia. Card designs will also be eagerly anticipated collectibles, as new designs will be launched after a limited number of subscribers has been achieved for each design. Through the collection of these limited edition digital cards, fans can also earn loyalty points and invaluable rewards.

With PacPay, cardholders can make contactless payments at selected outlets by scanning their phones against merchants’ QR codes. Users can remit funds to other cardholders within 60 seconds and enjoy exclusive promotions, including discounts at supermarkets and restaurants.

The PacPay platform is also designed as a channel for charitable donations – a percentage of online revenue will go towards supporting disadvantaged families in the Philippines and beyond.

Pac Technologies’ CEO Sean Wong said: “PacPay is an incredible platform for fans, many of whom have ardently supported Senator Manny Pacquiao’s boxing career for years. They can use this digital platform to enjoy mobile games, earn loyalty points and be rewarded with exclusive memorabilia when they spend.

“Cardholders can also use PacPay to help those who have been impacted by catastrophes such as typhoons and floods. We hope to inspire people from diverse backgrounds to unite as one and make a positive impact on the lives of others.”

PacPay is powered by cutting-edge technology and integrated with advanced verification systems that comply with international standards of security.

Users can sign up for the digital card through the PacPay app available in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.  


Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest