SABUY Shareholders approved paying 30 MB Dividend or 0.03 baht/ share Changing ESOP 2 Converting price to 7.75 baht

Mr. Chakkrit parapuntakul, Chairman, Mr. Chookiat Rujanapornpaje, Chief Executive Officer, Sabuy Technology Plc. (“SABUY”) had arranged the 2021 Annual General Shareholders Meeting (E-AGM) via Live Broadcast from Sabuy Technology Plc.’s headquarter in Bang Khun Tian District, Bangkok.

The AGM Meeting resolved to approve the dividend payment of 0.03 baht per share from Net Profit in 2020, totaling 30,825,000 baht. The Record Date of shareholders to receive the dividend is April 28th, 2021 and the dividend payment date is May 14, 2021. SABUY had a Strong Operating Result in 2020, with Net Profit Increase of 76 %, compared with that in 2019. The Company will strive to continue improving its results.

The Meeting also resolved to approve the change of exercise price of ESOP 2 from 3.25 baht to 7.75 baht/ share. The ESOP 2 is a warrant to purchase the common share of Sabuy Technology Plc., issued to Company and its subsidiaries’ directors and employees. The ESOP 2 has a 3-year period with a converting ratio of 1 ESOP per 1 share.

Source: Brand Wealth

Symbol: SABUY