“odini Mee-Aom” a collaboration between Robowealth and Influencers

Thai wealth technology (wealthtech) industry has been booming in recent years. At the forefront of this industry is Robowealth, the market leader in Thailand, under the leadership of Mr. Chonladet Khemarattana, Chief Executive Officer at Robowealth Group Company Limited.

Mr. Chonladet reveals a new talk show called “odini Mee-Aom” launched under the “odini” app which provides robo-advisor investment product. “odini Mee-Aom” talk show allows many well-known influencers, artists, and celebrities to share, discuss, and advise how they manage their wealth and financial planning, including the way they save and invest. This “odini x Influencers” collaboration is the new strategy of Robowealth to educate and motivate people on why we need to start investing now, and share this knowledge to the public and the fan clubs.

Starting the shows with influencers such as Wahncai, Pumpui Pantipa, KruTom Jakkrit, Ning Panita, Belle Kemisara, Oab Oabnithi, and others, “odini Mee-Aom” aims to invite those who have different characteristics and lifestyles to reach audiences with various styles and interests. According to odini’s customer base, around 60% of total users are at the age between 20 to 25 years old and keen to invest through digital platforms. This group has better access to information and better understanding on life planning and financial planning more than previous generations. Hence, odini aims to build a platform to promote saving and investing to this group with help of the influencers.

Mr. Chonladet makes his closing remarks that “Saving and investing is a necessity for all of us, especially those that aim to save and grow their wealth enough for retirement. With medical advancement, people live longer and have more needs to spend their money post-retirement age. Hence, financial planning needs to start now. A good start would be to divide our income into 3 parts. First portion is for use in daily lives. Second portion is for use in emergency cases. And the rest, to invest in any assets that generate a return at least higher than the inflation rate. By doing all these, people will eventually achieve financial freedom.”

“odini Mee-Aom” is on air every last Saturday of each month at 10.00 am via social media of odiniapp and Robowealth.

Source: Robowealth