WHAUP meets analysts and shows its leadership in utilities & power business

Recently, Dr. Niphon Bundechanan (left), Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Prapon Chinudomsub (right), Chief Financial Officer of WHA Utilities and Power Plc (WHAUP), jointly provided information to analysts after the company’s 2020 performance was announced. WHAUP reported total revenue and normalized share of profits of THB 2,599 million, net profit of THB 813 million and normalized net income of THB 764 million in 2020 and proposes the shareholders’ meeting to approve an additional dividend of 0.16 baht per share. The list of shareholder to be entitled to the dividend will be determined on 28 April 2021 and the payment will be made on 18 May 2021. Besides, the company emphasized on its strengths in utilities and power businesses with the five-year budget set at THB 12 billion to expand the business portfolio in Thailand and extend overseas investment.

Source: Media Planner Consultant

Symbol: WHAUP