Bangkok Bank progresses its digital roadmap by connecting online-offline platforms to provide customers with easy and smooth services

Bangkok Bank progresses its digital roadmap by connecting online-offline platforms to provide customers with easy and smooth services while further extending its Counter Service to a 24-hour deposit-withdrawal service

Bangkok Bank is progressing its road map to create digital experiences by connecting online-offline platforms to provide customers with easy and smooth services. The bank has extended its banking agents through Counter Service to 12,500 7-Eleven stores nationwide which will provide a 24-hour deposit-withdrawal service. Customers can now make transactions via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking and receive cash anywhere anytime even when there are not nearby branches or ATMs.

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice Presidents Prassanee Ouiyamaphan said the bank is determined to deliver good financial experiences across all channels to suit customers’ lifestyles and needs. To this end, the bank has developed various channels to support financial transactions including Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking which links to other channels, both online and offline, that customers can seamlessly use anytime, anywhere, enlarging their digital experience.

Bangkok Bank has now extended its banking agent services to provide convenient transactions across channels by providing Counter Service at 7-Eleven stores. The pilot of a cash deposit service via Counter Service last year was well received by customers and saw rapid growth in transaction volume, averaging 60% per month from the launch of the service, with more than 30% of these outside normal branch business hours. This demonstrated that the banking agents meet the needs of customers.

The bank has extended the trial to include cash withdrawals at Counter Service in 7-Eleven with Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking to provide convenient access to cash outside business hours and when there are no bank branch or ATM nearly. With the new service, customers can make cash withdrawals 24 hours a day.

“Despite the trend of digital banking, some customers still need to make cash transactions including when it’s urgent and outside business hours and there is no ATM nearby. This new service will also benefit customers with cash who need to make transactions digitally. As a trusted partner, the bank seeks solutions that meet the needs of cash and digital transactions in the most seamless manner. The collaboration with 7-Eleven to provide Counter Service at more than 12,500 stores nationwide will enable customers to access financial services 24 hours a day.

Counter Service Company Senior Executive Vice President Mr. Veeradej Akkarapolpanich confirmed that Counter Service is ready to provide the services by focusing on the development of modern technology and coverage of service channels to more than 12,500 Counter Service outlets in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

“To make it easier for people in rural areas and those who don’t have time to visit a bank branch we are providing deposit and withdrawal services with an easy transaction process that meets the highest transaction security according to ISO 27001 standards. Customers can insert their Citizen ID and enter their account number. When the transaction is completed, the account balance will reflect the transaction in real time, complying with the Bank of Thailand and the Anti-money Laundering Office’s regulations in a highly efficient way.”

The 24-hour deposit-withdrawal service in Counter Service at 7-Eleven stores is available for deposits of 10 – 30,000 baht per transaction but not more than 100,000 baht per day per deposit account, provided that a depositor has a cash deposit limit of not more than 100,000 baht per day. Cash withdrawals are available from 100 – 5,000 baht with a maximum limit of 20,000 baht per day per account. Customers are required to present a Citizen ID or smart card for identification, hold a Bangkok Bank saving or current account and be able to use Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking for withdrawals. To make transactions, please inform the cashier staff at the 7-Eleven store, who will facilitate the transactions for customers and issue a transaction confirmation slip.

Source: Bangkok Bank

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