Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023 Explores the Spectrum of the Human Experience

Organised by Arts House Limited, Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) returns from 19 May to 4 June 2023. Titled The Anatomy of Performance – Some People, the Festival will exist across CREATION, featuring four commissions and 11 international presentations, LIFE PROFUSION, SIFA’s parallel virtual entity, and SIFA X, a platform for experimental expression. 

The Festival remains a catalyst for creative intersections between international and local artists:

  • ANGEL ISLAND a music theatre performance of the nearly 100-year-old verses on Angel Island by Huang Ruo and Brian Gothong Tan.
  • REALM OF SILK  by Sougwen Chung and Leslie Tan investigates intersections between humans and other-than-humans.
  • THE SCHOOL  by Jean NgLi Xie, and Joavien Ng bring audiences through an unusual journey back to “school”.
  • Edith Podesta and K. Rajagopal presents POMPEll, a multi-media theatre performance inspired by the lives of impacted citizens.
  • WE WILL SLAM YOU WITH OUR WINGS  by Joanna Dudley presents 19th Century imperialistic portraits replaced by images of young girls.
  • A DAY, 2023  by Joyce Ho opens doors to everyday situations, reminding festival-goers to be present.
  • £¥€$ (LIES)  by Ontroerend Goed discusses human behaviour when faith in money and markets begin to wane.
  • CUCKOO and LOLLING & ROLLING by Jaha Koo showcases linguistic imperialism and isolation within Korean society.
  • Toshiki Okada presents NEW-ILLUSION, where life-size projected images of humans begin talking about a play.
  • HUMANS 2.0 by Circa celebrates the meaning of being human as performers find redemptive power in strength.
  • Andrea Salustri presents MATERIA, an exploration on the possibilities of polystyrene as it becomes the protagonist.
  • BLKDOG  by Botis Seva explores inner-city coping mechanisms, portraying depression and gaining acceptance.
  • Hyerim Jang’s ABYSS expresses the spectrum of emotions through dance.
  • Muna Tseng stages ME, YOU, THEN, NOW showcasing her meta-meditations on making new art.  

On Life Profusion, MOJOKO presents PRIVACY, animations on privacy in the digital sphere while Hong Xinyi curates creative responses to SIFA 2023’s offerings with prompt: Play.

SIFA X stages LOVE DIVINE by SUKKI (formerly Sukki Singapora) and Daniel Kok & Luke George, Centre 42’sTHERE IS NO FUTURE IN NOSTALGIA, and INTERMISSION featuring Champa Saenprom and Vidura Amranand, with Thanapol Virulhakul.

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Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest