TWICE Takes Over Spotify’s Idol Lounge for ‘Ready To Be’ Comeback

TWICE has dropped their 12th mini album, READY TO BE and Spotify has a special treat in store for ONCE (TWICE fans) with the iconic K-Pop girl group taking over Spotify’s Idol Lounge.

Spotify introduced Idol Lounge as one of its many initiatives to bring fans closer to the artists they love by enabling the discovery of their idols’ music tastes. Presented to fans in the form of a playlist, Idol Lounge gives the featured artist free rein to curate a selection of their favorite music and include audio recordings with messages about their song choices. In addition to tracks from their discography, the Idol Lounge playlist also includes their favorite songs by other artists.

Tune in to Idol Lounge: TWICE on Spotify, and discover:

  • The songs on their own playlists, including tracks by Sabrina Carpenter, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, and electronic music duo HONNE.
  • The girls’ favorite songs from their discography, such as LOVE FOOLISH from the 2019 Feel Special Album, and POP! by the group’s NAYEON
  • Their personal recommendations from the latest READY TO BE mini album, including CRAZY STUPID LOVE, which was co-written and selected by DAHYUN, and the title song SET ME FREE.
  • Why they love their faves. In an audio clip by NAYEON, who recommended the song SET ME FREE, she shared that the song is about “realizing the love and showing (an) enterprising self, to risk everything to protect the love.”

Hear all about it, and enjoy the music on Idol Lounge: TWICE, which is available on Spotify till 19 March 2023. Spotify’s Idol Lounge has previously featured boy groups NCT127 and Stray Kids who both  let fans in on their personal song choices.

Source: Hill & Knowlton