Joycity Brings the 3on3 FreeStyle Family Together with an Exclusive Cross Platform Update

On December 7th, JOYCITY (CEOs: Seong-won, Cho and Young-ho, Park) announced a cross-play update for ‘3on3 FreeStyle’. The update will enable all players from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam to freely play with each other without any platform boundaries.

Through the cross-play update, players can invite friends from other platforms, add them as a ‘3on3 Friend’, and play together.

New content and events will be added simultaneously for all 3 platforms for the first time, with cross-play in mind. Going forward, 3on3 FreeStyle will now offer the same content, events, and updates across all platforms. Which means that the Steam version (launched this year), will be fast tracked to close the content parity gap with its console counterparts.

The “Mission: Possible!” event will offer players the ability to receive an exclusive, together-themed jersey and nametag by completing various missions to celebrate the new cross-play functionality. Players logging into the game within 30 days of the start of the event will also receive an event exclusive “Together” buff ball. In addition, the current P5 character rotation will offer all new players a chance tryout various, playable P5 characters without restrictions.

JOYCITY is excited to open a new chapter of street basketball game through the addition of the all-platform cross-play feature for 3on3 FreeStyle. Players can now seek out and challenge more players with different styles of play, with newfound challenges and a reinvigorated sense of competition.

Check out the official website ( for more information related to the update and events for ‘3on3 FreeStyle’.

Caption: Share the Joy! ‘3on3 FreeStyle’ Crossplay Update!

Caption: 3on3 FreeStyle CrossPlay Update Official Trailer

Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest