The highlights from “Decarbonize Thailand Symposium 2022”

The highlights from “Decarbonize Thailand Symposium 2022”. This unique energy seminar will lay down a decarbonizing roadmap through collaboration between businesses and the government to achieve energy sustainability

True Digital Park, New Energy Nexus and eight leading organizations namely B.Grimm, Charoen Pokphand Group, IRPC Public Company Limited, PTT Public Company Limited, True Corporation Public Company Limited, Banpu Public Company Limited, Denso International Asia Company Limited and Tact Social Consulting have announced “Decarbonize Thailand Symposium 2022” to push for a roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas and reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2065 in line with the government’s policy. The symposium will be a joint effort between various agencies in and outside Thailand to find a solution to reduce carbon emissions that work for Thai industries, realize Zero Carbon Economy and, in the long run, make Thailand’s energy industry sustainable. 

“Decarbonize Thailand Symposium 2022” highlights various seminars on relevant topics in a panelist format which consists of experts from different fields, scientists, economists, scholars, representatives from the private and state sectors as well as leading energy and environment companies. It’ll be Thailand’s biggest gathering of key stakeholders in the energy industry. In total, there will be 30 experts along with workshops focusing on six topics that give access to know-how and insights from the world’s leading gurus in the energy industry. 24 showcases by famous start-ups will feature the latest innovation and technology to reduce carbon emissions and help obtain energy sustainability and sustainability for Thai industries.  

  • The symposium covers the current state of carbon emissions in Thailand, a plan to reduce greenhouse gas to be in line with Thailand’s green goal and initiatives to foster cooperation between the private sector and the state sector to realize the Net Zero mission together. Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization, Ministry of Energy, The Federation of Thai Industries and New Energy Nexus (Thailand), a non-profit organization that promotes clean technology on a global scale, will discuss trends in energy and technology management among energy entrepreneurs who strive for low-carbon economies across the world, trending energy-related innovations and technologies and their plan to support about 100,000 startups. Another highlighted topic is the cooperation to find a solution between leaders from various industries such as B.Grimm, CP Group, IRPC, PTT, True Corporation and eight startups who have participated in the “Decarbonize Thailand Sandbox” project. An in-depth look into Thailand’s energy industry, agriculture industry, transport industry as well as the vision to revamp Bangkok to reach the Net Zero goal are among many other relevant topics. 
  • The Networking Reception will be a space to foster the exchange of knowledge and information between stakeholders in a casual way. It will lead to future cooperation to reduce carbon emissions and it’s expected that over 1,000 people will attend.  
  • Workshops to focus on Decarbonize Strategy and Climate Teach will be brainstorming sessions conducted by experts, scholars, scientists and representatives from the private sector. Interesting sessions include technology that can control climate and different ways to reduce carbon emissions for organizations.  
  • Don’t miss out on showcases that highlight innovations and success stories of startups who have participated in Decarbonize Startup Sandbox and listen to insights from 24 start-up teams. 

 “Decarbonize Thailand Symposium 2022” will take place on November 24 from 9:00 am to 8 pm at West Grand Hall on the third floor of True Digital Park. Please go to or for more information.  

People who are interested in attending the symposium can send a direct message to True Digital Park’s Facebook inbox to ask for a ticket. Only the first ten people will get to attend the symposium for free.

Source: Chomchaviwan