Big C Collabs with DHL Supply Chain Thailand to Deploy Electric Trucks, Aiming to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Big C is aiming for net zero carbon emission by 2050 and are prioritizing green operations as part of our ESG agenda. Big C joined hand with DHL Supply Chain Thailand to launch a deployment of 100% electric or EV trucks for product distribution. Big C would like to thank DHL and Mr. Steve Walker, DHL position for joining  in this important step of collaborative efforts to build a more sustainable supply chain.

Big C launched a deployment of 100% electric or EV trucks for product distribution from Big C distribution center to Big C branches in Bangkok on January 27, 2023, and the following day these EV trucks which are equipped with DHL’s leading technology had successfully delivered products on time to all stores.

Big C will soon add EV trucks as part of the fleet to transport Big C products to more stores located all throughout South East Asia.

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Big C is a retail hypermarket coupled with shopping mall area. With its store network nationwide in various formats, Big C is able to deliver exceptional shopping experience to customers through product assortment, quality, value for money and customer service. At present, Big C is operated and managed under Berli Jucker Public Company Limited or the BJC Group.

The name “Big C” reveals the fundamentals that not only drive Big C business but also hold the key to its success.

Source: Big C