Rediscover the Quintessence of Tranquility at The Okura Spa

The Okura Prestige Bangkok is pleased to announce that The Okura Spa, the luxurious and haven of serenity and wellness is set to full service to welcome guests daily from 10:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs.

Striking the right work-life balance has become even more important at a time when the stresses and pressures of a complex and changing world only add to feelings of anxiousness. Time for oneself, time to re-set and pamper mind, body and soul has become even more precious. Hence where better to make the most of it and rejuvenate with a uniquely reviving massage and beauty treatment than the luxurious, The Okura Spa.

Cocooned in a setting that instills a sense of wellbeing and comfort, visitors to The Okura Spa get to experience the healing hands of skilled therapists as they administer considered packages that unravel stress, relieve tired muscles, revive flagging vitality and detox physically and mentally to leave patrons feeling restored and re-armed against the challenges of the today’s world.

At The Okura Spa, we focus on the quintessence of life and ensuring that the guest’s journey is one of absolute serenity. Whether you want to release built-up stress from work, a return to frequent travel or the general hustle and bustle of daily life, here is where you can truly unwind.

Highlight spa treatments designed to achieve a state of greater wellbeing include the signature ‘Ta-Ke Relief Massage,’ a unique treatment involving the use of heated bamboo rods to knead and roll out knots and tension in both deep-tissue muscle and the exhaustion. Another popular massage is the ‘Hot Candle Oil Massage,’ perfect for relaxing the mind and restoring balance to body and skin as the warmth of the wax stimulates circulation and gives relief from muscle pain. The ‘Totally Glowing Sakura Scrub,’ is a fabulously restorative exfoliation experience that uses all-natural extracts from beautiful flowers such as jasmine, rose and lavender to gently deep-cleanse the skin and remove dead cells, dirt and impurities, leaving it refreshed and clear. Adding to the final polish to The Okura Spa experience, many patrons chose to end with the ‘Anti-Wrinkle and Firmness Ritual,’ a facial regimen by Valmont that soothes, smooths, and lifts the skin to make it feel and look enviable and fresh again.

Enjoy the essence of tranquility, rejuvenate and personal pampering in one of the city’s most prestigious settings. The Okura Spa is now open daily from 10:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs. For reservations and more information, please call 02 687 9000 or email:

Source: The Okura Prestige Bangkok