OR joins hands with Marriott International, expanding the network of EV Station PluZ to facilitate electric vehicle charging at 30 hotels and resorts across Thailand

Mr. Panupan Subjarassang, Vice President, Service Station Engineering and Director of the EV Station PluZ project, together with Mr. Peravej Na Ranong, Head of EV Network Station, Government and Commercial Marketing Development Division Manager and Head of EV network station, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR), and Mr. Jakob Helgen, Vice President -Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar, Marriott International with Mr. Saravanaraj Swamidassan, Area Director of Engineering – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore & Maldives Marriott International attended a contract signing ceremony for the erection of EV Station PluZ within Marriott affiliated hotels and resorts, totaling 30 stations across Thailand. This synergy led to an expansion of the EV charging network, which was expected to be gradually rolled out and completed within the second quarter of 2023.

Mr. Panupan said that OR has been committed to promoting the widespread use of electricity for domestic travel and transportation and becoming ahead of the game in the EV ecosystem. It aims at responding to the preferences of customers and those of the business segment, regardless of energy type they need for traveling, to accomplish seamless energy transition in alignment with the Seamless Mobility mission. The collaboration with Marriott International, as the leader of Thailand’s hospitality business, to install EV Station PluZ within 30 affiliated hotels and resorts will thus ensure convenience for EV-using customers and allow them to enjoy easier access to EV Station PluZ than ever before. On top of that, it also resonates with lifestyles of consumers that shift to electric vehicles and those who better recognize the significance of clean energy. There will also be a mobile application ‘EV Station PluZ,’ which offers ease of use, whether in terms of booking, making payment, or reviewing a booking history. The application can update the status of each charging station to make sure users can effectively manage their check-in for a charge.

In addition to aligning with OR’s Seamless Mobility – a mission to strengthen the integrated energy business to achieve smooth transportation and fulfill the needs of travelers, this time collaboration is also another big step of OR to becoming a leader in the EV ecosystem in the future. All in all, it is in line with one of OR’s goals to create a healthy environment by comprehensively reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout its business operations while increasing the proportion of clean energy usage through promoting electric vehicle adoption.

Mr. Jakob Helgen added that from here we play an important role to modernize Thailand’s transportation structure. We have integrated sustainability concepts in every facet of our operations and this project is to expand the mission of shaping a more eco-friendly society. EV Station PluZ, which will be installed at up to 30 Marriott hotels and resorts across Thailand, will cater convenience to our customers and also encourage electric car adoption. It is a win-win mission for all involved.

This project is part of Marriott International’s sustainability strategies, Serve360, which is dedicated to making a positive impact wherever the company operates. For more information, please visit serve360.marriott.com.

Source: PTT Oil and Retail Business

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