“Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” Campaign Reveals Its 12 Finalists

Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” Campaign reveals its 12 finalists; the top 3 winners will be awarded with an execution stipend in January 2022

The “Sharing is Caring, Taiwan Excellence” Campaign announces its 12 finalists.  Proposers from the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tunisia are preparing to elaborate on their ideas to the selection panel, and the top three winners will be announced in January 2022. In order to draw attention to the philanthropic campaign, Taiwan Excellence invites people to vote for their favorite proposals and get a chance to win prizes such as a gaming laptop from Taiwan Excellence!

The Campaign began in Taiwan and empowered a global circle of goodwill through “One idea, one share, letting love last forever.” Taiwan Excellence received 781 creative proposals from 61 countries during the proposal recruiting period, which began on September 1 and ended on November 5.  Asia submitted the maximum number of proposals with 495, followed by Africa with 124, the Americas with 104, Europe with 52, and Oceania with 6. In addition, the top 5 countries that submitted the most proposals are India with 115, Indonesia with 74, Vietnam with 60, Taiwan with 59, and Malaysia with 56. Following a two-stage selection process by the panel, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, and TAITRA, as the joint organizers of the Campaign, finally announced the 12 candidates that made it to the finalists.

The 12 finalists made a strong case for Taiwan Excellence products and services as solutions to the problems in their home countries. Some emphasized environmental protection, while others emphasized the importance of occupational training to local groups, bridging the urban-rural divide, empowering the marginalized communities, or improving medical conditions for the elderly. All proposals exemplified an unwavering commitment to transforming the environment and spreading love, leaving a lasting impression on the panel.

Among them, the proposal from Tunisia called for the use of Taiwan Excellence products such as energy storage systems and pumps to develop a sustainable aquaponics system and combat the agricultural crisis. One of the public interest groups in Israel proposed collaborating with local chain bookstores and employing Taiwan Excellence as tools for occupations and to assist the disabled in becoming self-sufficient. 

The two Taiwanese finalists stressed social welfare for the local elders and smart medical products such as turning air mattresses or multi-physiological measurement systems. Moreover, one of the Maori organizations in New Zealand proposed introducing green energy products to their tribes and assisting indigenous Maori communities with renewable energy solutions. The organization’s proposal significantly indicated both social welfare by empowering the disadvantaged and solutions to environmental protection.

To encourage global participation and attract more attention to the Campaign, the

organizers will hold a lucky draw in January for voters who support their proposals. The voting period will be from January 6 to January 23, 2022.

#  | Country  | Proposal name (*Serial number according to the order of submission)

1  | Nigeria  | Digitizing Africa’s Informal Markets
2  | The Philippines  | Educating and Empowering the Community Through Mobile Kart
3  | The Philippines  | Project En-ABLE
4  | Vietnam  | A Proposal to Provide Renewable Energy by a Wind Turbine System for Local Homes and Schools for Villages Lacking Electricity in Vietnam
5  | The Philippines  | Kusinata
6  | Taiwan  | Co-Life Home – Love & Share without Boundaries
7  | Israel  | Digital Proficiency and Labor Market Inclusion in Rebooks 
8  | New Zealand  | Solar Solutions for Indigenous Māori Communities 
9  | Kenya  | Kakola Off-Grid Community Water Supply Project 
10  | Tunisia  | Bio-integrated ECOnomically sustainable AQUAponic Mushroom System (BIO-ECOAQUA)  
11  | Taiwan  | One-day Medical Tour and Same-day Denture Delivery- Mobile Digital Denture Clinic & Oral Health Service Project 
12  | The U.S.  | Mama Laoshi Early Childhood Educational Program

Source: บริษัท ไอทูอี มาร์เก็ตติ้ง จำกัด