HUAWEI signs MOUs with five partners from the Thai public-and-private sectors to create a fully digital Thailand

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recently announced its partnership with five government and private industry stakeholders in Thailand with the signing of five individual Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) aimed at driving digital transformation in Thailand with a fully developed partner ecosystem. The agreements cover several Thai sectors, including telecommunications, broadcast media, technology, IT services outsourcing, and financial services. The MOUs were signed during the “POWERING DIGITAL THAILAND 2022 HUAWEI CLOUD & CONNECT and ASIA PACIFIC INNOVATION DAY” event.

Mr. Abel Deng, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. enthused about the agreements between Huawei and Thai partners, saying, “As the leading global technology company supporting Thailand’s development for over 22 years, Huawei is committed to ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’ with the belief that digital technology will help improve the quality of life for Thai people. We are honored to collaborate with these five partners from Thailand’s public-and-private sectors, which is reflected in today’s five MOU signings to leverage digital technologies across various Thai industries. Huawei believes this is a strong foundation and will continue to nurture these partnerships far into the future. This cooperation is another important step to bringing digital to every person, every home and organization, for a fully connected, intelligent Thailand.”

Commenting on the signing of their MOU for a cloud services partnership with HUAWEI Thailand, Dr. Wongkot Vijacksungsithi, Senior Executive Vice President Digital Business of National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) remarked, “COVID-19 has changed our way of life and posed challenges for every business. Nevertheless, we believe there are still opportunities available during this challenging time, and we at NT aim to be a key engine for economic growth by acting as a cloud service provider for more than 300 government agencies in Thailand. We believe Huawei has significantly developed its cloud technology in Thailand, particularly in infrastructure, with Huawei the only provider investing in local data centers for the country – keeping Thai information securely within the market. We are confident our collaboration with Huawei will enable NT to deliver a better cloud service for the Thai government.”

Dr. Wongkot reiterated the importance of the NT’s 22-year collaboration with HUAWEI Thailand, including a previous MOU at the 2019 Huawei Cloud Summit and last year’s partnership between the pair for the Government Data Center and Cloud (GDCC) project to support cloud adoption and transition in government.

The new MOU will see NT benefit from Huawei’s continuous support to accelerate cloud adoption across four pillars: the first will upskill NT employees’ cloud capabilities through future-oriented training and programs. The second pillar will focus on a co-created digital solution, where Huawei will empower NT to build innovative Smart City and e-Government solutions by utilizing Huawei Cloud. The third is cloud business development, where NT and Huawei will jointly explore cloud business opportunities to serve and improve the digital transformation of Thailand’s public sector. Finally, the collaboration will see Huawei support NT’s marketing capabilities to generate more business opportunities into the future.

Mr. Chakrapun Leelamasavat, Managing Director of BBTV New Media Co., Ltd., emphasized how technology will help develop the media sector in his statement during the MOU signing with Huawei, reiterating the company’s confidence in Huawei’s platforms, applications, technology, and professional team. He further added that the collaboration will benefit both parties, with BBTV New Media utilizing Huawei Cloud technology to develop new ways to develop and share digital content. Additionally, the collaboration with Huawei will included co-created advertising, marketing campaigns, promotions, and public relations events.

Huawei’s three further MOU signings included an agreement with AppMan Co., Ltd. to cooperate on developing marketing strategies, innovative new business models, and scale businesses by leveraging their respective ecosystems and partner alliances. Meanwhile, the MOU signed between Huawei and Siamrajathani Public Company Limited will see a collaboration between both parties for marketing, new business development, and supporting startup and new business partner ecosystems. Finally, Huawei also signed a MOU with TISCO Financial Group Public Company Limited to jointly develop Enterprise Intelligence (EI) Technology and Machine Learning Cloud Services.

Huawei’s collaboration with these five new partners will help nurture an integrated digital ecosystem for Thailand and accelerate digital transformation in the country.

Source: Carl Byoir & Associates