Taiwan Excellence Smart Medical and Biotesting Webinar Delivers Insights into Health industry in post-pandemic

From December 2019 until resent, the world had been surrounded with the impact from Covid-19 outbreak. Changes happened in every aspect of people’s daily living, including work, learning and healthcare. Result from the restriction of pandemic, Healthcare industry has been reshaped from concentration to a more diversified and mobilized matrix, telemediation, biotesting and customized health products are expected to be the next big words in the world of post pandemic.

Taiwan excels in a number of medical technology specialties, some ranking among the best in Asia, and are ready to embrace the changes in post-pandemic with latest technology innovation. Organized by TAITRA, Taiwan’s leading trade promotion organization, this webinar has showcased four leading brands from Taiwan’s medtech industry – all of whom are winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award. These strategic and visionary leaders, namely TANbead, Young Optics, Aeon, and Sigknow Inc, presented their most innovative health solutions to the world.

The webinar featured the opening remarks from Dr. Chii-Wann Lin, vice president and head of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories in Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute. Dr.Lin is the professor of Biomedical engineering, electronic engineering and applied mechanics in National Taiwan University , with profession in both engineering and medicine.

This webinar also focused on the upcoming tech trends for the industry in post pandemic, the products that demonstrate Taiwan’s strength in combing ICT and Medicine field have launched during this webinar that cover application from Covid screening to early Arrhythmia detection. 

The product launch featured from TANbead’s Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor, which support auto walk-away PCR solution,  Miicraft’s Optical 3D Printer, able to print Denture model faster and in various material, Aeon’s Acid PRP and A-BMC treatment, which concentrate growing factor from blood in minimum invasive degree and  EZYPRO®, an self-appliable Arrhythmia diagnostic solution from Sigknow, these award winner of Taiwan Excellence 2021 will demonstrate their latest innovation in both medical and biotesting areas.

Stay up-to-date with Taiwan’s top medtech companies share their latest innovation in healthcare and medicine industry at watch the online webinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utvaKQKIeB0   

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