UD Trucks Corporation appoints three more dealers to expand its Network coverage

UD Trucks Corporation appoints three more dealers to expand its Network coverage

  • Appointing three additional sales and service dealers in the North and the South
  • New partners with confidence in the quality of UD Trucks to meet customers’ needs

UD Trucks Corporation (Thailand) Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of UD trucks vehicles and importer and distributor of Volvo trucks products is excited to reveal the appointment of three additional sales and service dealers.

Under the management of two companies, namely Thanadee Motor Co., Ltd. and Andaman Voyager Club Co., Ltd., these appointments are the results of our continuous efforts to enhance service proximity and Customer uptime. With this, the number of showrooms and service centers will increase from currently 17 to 20 by 2022.

Mr. Eric Labat, President of UD Trucks Corporation Thailand, revealed that the appointment of these two additional dealers and service centers essentially expands the company’s service area in three more provinces, namely Chiang Mai Province overseen by Thanadee Motor Co., Ltd. while Andaman Voyager Club Co., Ltd. will oversee the other two provinces, namely Nakhon Si Thammarat and Krabi. All three centers will be entitled to distribute UD trucks and provide maintenance services for both UD trucks and Volvo trucks.

“This latest appointment of additional dealers and service centers is one of UD Trucks’ strategies to expand its service coverage even further. We also plan to appoint more dealers in the potential area of ​​transportation to meet the needs of the growing customer base of UD Trucks and Volvo Trucks and to support the economic recovery that will directly affect the truck logistics business in the future,” said Mr. Labat.

Ms. Aiyarin Mankong, Managing Director of Thanadee Motor Co., Ltd. said that the company obtained additional distribution rights for UD Trucks in the upper north region with a service center located in Chiang Mai Province.

“An agreement to be an additional private dealer in Chiang Mai is our move to capture a market opportunity in the upper north of Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, Lamphun, and Mae Hong Son which, combinedly, is a huge market for transportation business. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for us to market in that area,” said Ms. Aiyarin.

Miss Aiyarin added that last year the company was appointed as UD Trucks Private Dealer in Phitsanulok province under the name of Thanadee Auto Truck and Service Center Company Limited. The showroom and service center will be officially opened on this April 19 which will be able to meet the needs of a growing group of customers as Phitsanulok province is a transportation hub under the strategic economic cooperation in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. The service center can serve both UD trucks and Volvo trucks, including the trailers.

For the center in Chiang Mai, Ms. Aiyarin said that the company would set aside a total of 30 million Baht in the construction of a showroom and service center with three service bays on an area of ​​12 rai. It is expected to be completed and ready for service in mid 2022. For sales, we have prepared a team ready to penetrate the market after signing the contract today.

Mr. Apichat Kongchan, Managing Director of Andaman Voyager Club Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude for the trust and confidence of UD Trucks Corporation to appoint Andaman to represent UD and Volvo brands in the mid southern region as he himself has been in the passenger vehicle business for a long time and had a strong interest in the trucking business as he saw limitations and necessity among consumers to rely on transportation of goods. He also realized the growing confidence among transport operators on UD trucks every year. After gathering plenty of positive feedbacks from users and operators, his assumption has been proven right that UD truck is the answer to transportation business; it runs farther and consumes less fuel. The truck is of high quality. If there is more service center, it will greatly boost customers’ confidence in area of after-sale service.

To address such business’s needs, he was confident and decided to propose an area in Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thung Song district) and Krabi province which is an intersecting point for mid southern region to serve truck operators and boost confidence in after-sale service for both UD and Volvo. He trusted that an investment would increase sale for UD Trucks Corporation in the south and would help the company to achieve sales target going forward.

Currently, the company is preparing a showroom and service center on an area of ​​5 rai in Thung Song district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province and 6 rai in Krabi province. Each center would have six repair bays capable of servicing both UD and Volvo trucks in the area. They are expected to be a happiness station for drivers of UD and Volvo trucks, a community of knowledge sharing among the southern transport operators to further develop and reduce their operating expenses. Construction is expected to be completed by the middle of this year.

Source: 24 คูณ 7