Asia Era One and MTR Academy Sign MoU on Collaborative Training and Development Programs For the Development of Railway Expertise

Asia Era One Co., Ltd., the operator of the High-Speed Rail Linking Three Airports Project that currently supports the operations of Airport Rail Link with SRT Electrified Train Co., Ltd., and MTR Academy, a global training hub of railway management and operations, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on collaborative training and development programs for the development of railway expertise, with the implementation of capacity-building and human resource development, knowledge sharing, benchmarking, as well as joint research to enhance both parties’ advanced competitiveness. The partnership goal is to create mutual benefits through training, development, and exploration of collaborative initiatives between both parties.

Dr. Hua Dongyi, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Era One Co., Ltd., stated, “The collaboration of Asia Era One and MTR Academy will not only bring essential knowledge sharing to both parties, it also reflects the potential to elevate the rail industry. We intend to operate our business concurrently with providing excellent service to passengers in accordance with international standards, which is why we signed this MOU: to conduct collaborative training and train railway experts, as we regard employees as the heart of our organization. We also appreciate our partner, MTR Academy, for contributing their skills and experience, in addition to engaging in such fruitful, constructive, and open exchanges throughout this potential collaboration.”

Mr. Sarit Jinnasith, President of Asia Era One Co., Ltd., remarked, “The MOU marks a significant reinforcement of our position in the rail business.  As Asia Era One currently supports the operations and maintenance of Airport Rail Link, transformation is key to Thailand’s ability to ensure progress of the development curve and create shared prosperity, as well as value and benefits for the nation and its people. We are thrilled to have MTR Academy as a partner since this enables us to follow through on our persistent goal: to establish seamless connectivity in transportation, encourage multidimensional connection to access to all opportunities—linked throughout all areas—in order to transform our businesses toward sustainable growth. This would provide a broad range of learning experiences that leverage the potential of all employees. We are pleased to have partaken in this breakthrough and look forward to working with MTR Academy in order to develop and deliver intellectual exchange in the future”

Dr. Jacob Kam CEO of MTR Corporation, stated, “We aim to connect and grow communities with the mission of providing caring service, enhancing customers’ quality of life and anticipating their needs. Our vision and mission that reaffirm our commitment to different stakeholders while guiding our corporation to reach greater heights as a globally recognized leader.”

“This MOU not only accelerates innovation and service excellence of both parties buts also is an important development in railway industry. It charts the course for collaboration between MTR Academy and Asia Era One on capacity building, and development of human resources for the railway industry. It also sets out a framework for future programme development and creates a new channel to connect the railway communities in Thailand and Hong Kong”

Ms. Margaret Cheng, President of MTR Academy, said, “Under the umbrella of MTR Corporation, the MTR Academy shares the very same MTR Quality that inspires trust and excellence.  MTR Academy is positioned as a global training hub for railway management and operation. The Academy has a strategic role in promoting the export of Hong Kong’s professional railway industrial skills and knowledge, and further developing Hong Kong into a global transport professional services hub.”

“Through this MoU, we establish a framework to facilitate discussion on collaboration in various areas, including the capacity building and human resource development in operations, knowledge sharing, measurement of performance and benchmarking for railway operations and maintenance as well as of joint research in areas of common interest. I am confident that the spirit of this collaboration will enable both parties to achieve more as we complement each other’s strategic works,” Ms. Cheng added.

Asia Era One and MTR Academy are certain that this pioneering collaboration will benefit and contribute to both Thailand and Hong Kong’s efforts to become Asia’s railway training hubs.

Source: PR World