Carekoon, Social Innovation for Longevity Economy

Carekoon is a Thai unique integrated mobility and healthcare platform created by Solarwatt111 Company which aim to respond the local economic and social impact, especially elderly and people with disabilities who are highly vulnerable to COVID-19. This newly social innovative platform was granted by National Innovation Agency (NIA), Social Innovation Driving Unit, Northern region, lower part 1 by Naresuan University (SID), and driven by collaborative partnership with Phitsanulok Municipality as well as Development and Research of Innovative Vehicle Engineering (DRIVE center) by Engineer Faculty of Naresuan University.

Ms. Kannika Jarusuraisin, President of Solarwatt 111 Company and founder of Carekoon Mobility Platform, said “The proportion of Thai elderly population is anticipated to reach 30 percent in the next 10 years. Many of them are more likely to live alone or with only a spouse or partner, and have limited access to travel for running errands, to market, other healthcare services during covid-19 pandemic. The intention behind Carekoon App is to integrate transportation and healthcare service to unlock this barrier. Several local stakeholders were involved in this pilot. We are grateful for strong support to NIA, Naresuan University, and Phitsanulok Municipality”.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ananchai Ukaew, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University and Carekoon Project advisor stated “In addition to electric vehicles (EVs), a mobility platform is part of the solution towards sustainable Phitsanulok city and nearby. Therefore Carekoon Mobility platform has been designed to meet future of sustainable transport system. With its flexible mobility platform, the consumers can select different types of services based on trip such as on-demand car, motorcycle, campus shuttle bus, food delivery service on Carekoon platform. This will lead into new mobility ecosystem in other services such as tourism, health mobile unit, mobile shopping van etc, which can help boots local & national economy level”.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Dondej Tungtakanpoung, Chief of Social Innovation Driving Unit of Northern region, lower part 1, “The NIA’s Social Innovation Fund” along with academic consulting role by Naresuan university has provided a more support for SMEs to reach their full potential through innovation during economic downturn. Carekoon mobility platform for instance, is the social innovative platform in order to mitigate the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and enable resilience of local community on a sustainable way”.

Outside the ride hailing service with different types of transportation, Carekoon also has provided a range of online health care services including Mor-Rujak-Khun by Naresuan university hospital, Health Dome telemedicine, KJ pharmacy, Herbal Expert by Mayuree, Kanok Physio Rehab Clinic, Saiyaisampan Nursing Home and Health Academy e-learning platform and Ban Chan Si Pak Thai restaurant for food delivery.

We are now encouraging and welcome prospective entrepreneurs to join Carekoon platform with a free first 3-month membership. Please visit our website at Line: @carekoon or call us at 092-269-6914, 081-834-7702

Source: Carekoon