The Coffee Academics (TCA) debuts special new lineup of pastry in collaboration with young celebrity chefs

Hong Kong-based The Coffee Academics, which is one of the world’s most renowned specialty coffee brands and renowned for specialty coffee and exquisite menu offerings, opens 4 stores across Bangkok, all owned and operated by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.

The Coffee Academics is thrilled to partner with young passionate chefs who can create, innovate, and adapt new recipes that are the perfect blend of flavors, deliciousness, and creativity to improve its product offerings. As part of the “Thai Chef Lab” collaboration, The Coffee Academics will focus on offering customers a diverse array of bakery choices in addition to what’s on the regular menu.

With a contemporary twist accompanied by top-tier ingredients, their breads, baked goods, cakes, and bakery products will surely impress anytime sweet cravings. Coffee lovers, café goers, and pastry enthusiasts can now savor a special new lineup of pastry that includes favorites like croissants, danish, and brioche with any TCA’s signature coffee, tea, and seasonal drinks making each meal more delightful and exciting. Not only does the new collaboration bring excitement to chefs and customers, but the brand will be able to keep up with trends and innovations in bakery and pastry.

From March 8-10, 2023, The Coffee Academics offered a new lineup of breads, pastry, and bakery created by Chef Mind Kirathi Ussavavechmongkol, Founder & Head Baker of WOLF Croissanterie, and Chef Tai Chatwimon Tiyachaipanich, one of the finalists in the Top Chef Dessert Thailand Season 1 and owner of WABI’s Home Café, at a TCA’s coffee station at Challenger hall 2 and received great feedback from new and existing customers.

Coming up next during the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, March 22 – April 2, 2023 at Challenger halls 1-3, is a debut of delectable bakery and fleshly baked goods created by chef Penny Jirayuwatana, owner of Penny the Chef and chef Maprang Chayanun Charoenrat, chef and owner of KANOMPRANG Homemade Bakery along with chef Mind from WOLF Croissanterie and chef Tai from WABI’s Home Café.

We welcome all pastry chefs to join the Thai Chef Lab event. Please DM us at Facebook: The Coffee Academics Thailand; Instagram: thecoffeeacademicsth; LINE: @tca_thailand

If you crave something sweet after all, head to any TCA’s locations including Velaa Sindhorn Village Langsuan, Gaysorn Village, CentralWorld, and Megabangna.

Source: IMPACT Exhibition Management