JASPAL company acquires license to distribute DIESEL brand in Thailand and Vietnam, targets premium fashion market with a new flagship store at Central World

JASPAL CO., LTD., a leader in Thailand’s fashion retail industry, is moving towards the goal to become a leading “regional fashion and lifestyle retailer” as it has acquired the license to distribute world-renowned Italian fashion brand DIESEL in Thailand and Vietnam and opened the first flagship store at Central World to reach Thai shoppers and foreign tourists with high purchasing power.

Mr. Anand Singhsachathet, New Business Development General Manager of JASPAL CO., LTD., said, “In order for us to become a regional fashion and lifestyle retailer, it is essential to simultaneously foster growth of our own in-house fashion brands and expanding our business as the authorized importer and distributor for world-renowned brands in ASEAN countries, which can help us serve all groups of customers.”

“We particularly target premium fashion brands. At the end of 2022, we acquired the right to represent DIESEL, a famed Italian brand with a worldwide customer base, as its official distributor in Thailand and Vietnam,” he said.

“This has reinforced our strength and ability to become a regional fashion and lifestyle retailer with outstanding experience and expertise in the fashion market. We want to show that we are ready to manage global brands and can ensure their success in Thai and ASEAN markets,” said Mr. Anand.

DIESEL is a highly-successful brand which has been making great impacts on the fashion world, starting with its jeans in the 90s which exploded in popularity overnight and expanding into various other stylish fashion items. Its logo, which now includes a redesigned D letter, and the design under the concept “For Successful Living” make its clothing lines and accessories highly recognizable to the young generations, reminding today’s young people that they can achieve success while being honest to themselves and not sacrificing their own identities. This philosophy is embedded in every element of the brand. The “Oval D Logo” is one of the diverse logos used by DIESEL and can be found in DIESEL 1DR Bag, a highly sought-after women’s bag, as well as belt products which have quickly become popular in the market. DIESEL is also notable for its ability to bring back the Y2K fashion trend with a bang.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, JASPAL CO., LTD. opened its first DIESEL store in Vietnam in Takashimaya, while in Thailand, the company began to sell DIESEL products in Central Ladprao, Central Chidlom and Central Phuket Floresta department stores with great responses from customers.

The company has recently launched the first DIESEL flagship store in Thailand on the first floor of Central World. The store is designed under the concept of “Sunshine” with bold usage of the colors red and white to provide a surreal atmosphere while reinforcing the brand’s strong identity. The store features a full range of items from the Spring – Summer 2023 collection, including clothing lines with the “Super D Logo” along with must-have items like jeans, bags, belts and shoes, all of which are enjoying high demand from customers.

“The opening of the first DIESEL flagship store at Central World is part of our plan to utilize a strategic location and global destination where our business can enjoy a high traffic of Thai shoppers and international visitors from around the world who have high purchasing power and are the main target customers of the brand,” said Mr. Anand.

Source: Jaspal