Live Your Best Life with Immunity Defence and Rejuvenating Packages from VIVID

When it comes to our health, there are no quick fixes. But starting with small changes today will support your immunity and pay dividends in the long run. Take a step towards a more vibrant 2022 with a series of new multi-pronged defence packages to boost your immunity from VIVID By Verita Health. 

Ultimate New Year, New Defence

A powerful trio of immunity-boosting therapies utilising leading scientific rejuvenation treatments to reverse and supercharge the body’s defence. The first visit includes a blood draw to harvest Natural Killer Cells followed by a 150 mg NAD+ infusion to repair damaged DNA and finally a Vitamin D infusion; guests return after two weeks to complete the programme with NK Cell therapy, where the body’s own Natural Killer Cells are reinjected to restore and boost immunity. 

  • NK Cell Therapy – Natural Killer cells are the body’s most reactive fighters against disease, supercharge your body’s defence
  • NAD+ Therapy 150mg – The Fountain of Youth hailed for its capacity to silence the aging process, boost brain function and tackle inflammation
  • Vitamin D Shot – an intramuscular dose of the sunshine vitamin, known for its brilliant immunity support THB 179,000 (from THB 210,000) Save 15%. Available until 31st March 2022

COVID Immunity Test and Tight

Arm yourself against Omicron with VIVID’s Test & Tight package, combining an antibody test to determine the level of Covid-19 antibodies followed by VIVID’s custom Immunity IV drip, delivering a medicinal dosage of Vitamin C with 100% absorption.

  • 1 X Covid-19 Spike IgG Antibody Test (Quantitative)
  • 1 x Immunity IV Drip (40 mins) – fortifying your body’s natural defence system.

Special offer THB 4,999 (Full price THB 6,750) save 25% Available until 31st March 2022

New Signature IV Infusion Blend: YOUTH

Turn back the clock with a B-complex formula enhanced with extra B12 to nourish the brain and nervous system and NAD+ to stimulate cell regeneration for increased energy, faster metabolism and improved neurological and cognitive functions.

  • NAD+ is a naturally occurring amino acid in every cell in the body which declines over time, reduce brain fog and strengthen fatigued muscles and cell renewal with intravenous infusion
  • B-vitamins are the body’s cellular building blocks and directly impact energy, brain function & cell metabolism
  • Vitamin B-12 aids in cell growth & development, and break down carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol to support your cardio-vascular system.

THB 4,000 net available in VIVID Bangkok

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