Yili Remains China’s Most Chosen Brand, Reaching over 90% of Households for Six Consecutive Years

On June 16, Kantar Worldpanel released the Asia Brand Footprint Report 2021, a leading study that reveals the brands most favored and purchased by consumers in Asia. This year, Yili, with a brand penetration ratio of 92.2% and consumer reach points (CRPs) approaching 1.3 billion, was ranked as the most chosen FMCG brand for the sixth year in a row.

The report reflects the impact of the pandemic in 2020 on consumer behavior and their brand choices. “In the fast-evolving FMCG market post-COVID-19, winning brands will have to stay ahead of changes in consumer demand for health, convenience and pleasure, and ride the wave of digitalization to win the omnichannel battles that lie ahead,” said Jason Yu, Managing Director of Kantar’s Greater China Worldpanel Division.

However, both established and insurgent brands have opportunities to further grow their consumer footprint by transforming their innovation and go-to-market strategies. Yili’s innovative products are the result of the company’s commitment to pursuing technological R&D. Its popular sub-brand, Plant Selected, provides a strong example of the company’s success in technological innovation.

Due to limitations in the production process, traditional soymilk products were failing to meet consumers’ taste and nutritional requirements. To solve the problem, Yili’s R&D team developed a new soymilk processing technology and formula that helped to eliminate the unpleasant beany odor while retaining the natural aroma of soybeans and providing fresh nutrition for customers. In particular, Yili’s traceable and visible supply chain ensures the high quality of soybeans, making the Plant Selected series stand out in China’s highly competitive vegetable protein beverage market.

Apart from its strong innovation capabilities, Yili’s success is also the result of integrating the world’s leading knowledge and industrial resources. Over the years, Yili has established a robust “global health ecosystem” with global partners. Yili has opened and continuously upgraded its Innovation Center Europe in the Netherlands and established an integrated dairy production and scientific research base in New Zealand. At present, Yili is cooperating with more than 700 companies distributed throughout 33 countries and 5 continents.

The results of these world-class collaborations can be seen in Yili’s products. For instance, Ruihu, a baby milk formula series under Yili Jinlingguan, is made from the milk produced by the finest-breed cows grazing on premium grassland in New Zealand and supported by Yili’s patented breast milk technology, which is based upon nearly two decades of research.

In 2020, an incredibly challenging year saw the brands which were bold enough to embrace the new normal of changing markets emerge as the clear winners. This year, as the world recovers from the pandemic, the outlook for FMCG companies in Asia looks bright. “FMCG products are necessities, and for this very reason the sector will continue to grow,”said Nelson Woo, Senior Director of Kantar.

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Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest