Deal signed with 20 new titles for WEMIX PLAY onboarding, solidifying its leading platform position

  • After G-STAR 2022, onboarding contracts have followed nonstop
  • Line up expansion for 2023, stronger global market presence expected

Wemade signed onboarding deals with 20 titles after G-STAR, the biggest game show in South Korea, in November 2022. Local and global gaming companies are joining WEMIX PLAY, the most influential blockchain gaming platform in the world, through partnership with Wemade.

The line up includes Infinity Party Battle, a real time strategic defence game by Cle Games; Venezia Story, maritime trading social network game by Roti-X; Lobelia, a collectable RPG by Danbi Entertainment.

Wemade’s blockbuster game MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond will be onboarding the platform on January 31. With blockchain technology added to the game, MIR M Global and MIR4 will present solid tokenomics through inter-game economy.

WEMIX PLAY is the number 1 open blockchain gaming platform in the world with approximately 9 million players. MIR4 Global, which launched in August 2021, remains the most successful blockchain game to this day.

All genres of games such as MMORPG, SLG, SNG and more are being onboarded on WEMIX PLAY. It plans to secure a good lineup of games this year to spread its wings in the global market.


WEMIX is a blockchain gaming platform developed by WEMIX Pte. Ltd, providing services that include a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralised exchange, NFT marketplace, WEMIX token staking programme and the game gateway. WEMIX Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wemade, the developer and owner of “The Legend of Mir” IP, a highly successful game with over 500 million users. For more information, visit

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Photo Caption – WEMIX PLAY, the leading gaming platform

Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest