Never After Introduces A Trio of New Features in the Biggest Update Yet For This Twisted, Fairy Tale Adventure RPG

Inclusion of Partner Awakening and Partner Weapon systems alongside new storyline quests and exciting multiplayer dungeon are part of a massive content update available December 9th

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) and developer Guanghe Qiyuan are adding new gameplay systems to Never After as part of a free update on December 9th, 2022, including the Partner Awakening and Partner Weapon systems which will let players make their beloved allies stronger than ever before. Additionally, new quests and the Evil Witch dungeon will give players challenging foes to unleash these new abilities upon, allowing them to prove their mettle against players from around the globe.

The update will allow players to improve their Partners in new ways, thanks to the Partner Awakening and Partner Weapon system, both of which are unlocked at Level 70. The Partner Awakening system allows Rare Partners to receive higher quality stat improvements than before. A Partner can be awakened through the Destiny system, allowing their stats to be improved even further, by consuming Rare Partners. Once Never After has been updated, the first Partner who can be awakened is the Pea Princess, who will gain a new Weapon Spirit skill in the process. The Pea Princess’ story will also be updated in the Memoir, once she has undergone a Partner Awakening.

Never After is also adding the Partner Weapon system, which will grant Partners powerful new weapons. The Partner Weapon system allows a Partner of SSR rank or higher to have a unique weapon, which can be obtained through the Destiny system or by challenging the new Evil Witch dungeon. An example of this is the Pea Princess, who will receive The Princess’s Holy Hammer weapon upon being awakened and promoted, making her even more powerful on the battlefield.

The story of Never After will also be expanded in the new update, with chapters added to the main storyline quests, as well as the player’s level cap increasing. This will include new content, with the Wizard of Oz and Endless Mirage now having Awakening Level 20 dungeons, which drop Awakening Level 20 Red Gear for the player to collect.

Never After players will soon be able to face the ultimate challenge alongside their fellow heroes, as the Evil Witch dungeon is coming to the game in its next update. The Evil Witch dungeon is a multiplayer dungeon that needs to be challenged by at least three players at once. Those who complete the Evil Witch dungeon will receive Partner Psyche and Partner Weapons upon clearance. The Evil Witch dungeon is more than just a means of acquiring treasure, as there is also glory to be won, as players can earn a higher ranking by dealing damage to the boss monster. This ranking is rated across all servers and it’s reset every Monday, with new rewards and titles granted to the best players every week. The Evil Witch dungeon will evolve, as the boss monster will be changed every week, while additional rules and benefits will be imposed upon the player. Each week, the Evil Witch dungeon will have one of the 5 elemental spells active – Arcane Missile, Protection Barrier, Spirit Warrior, Summon Fireball, or Winter Crystal, in order to make things more challenging. Players can also benefit from one of five buffs in the Evil Witch dungeon, as Blessing of Oz, Repel Injury, Sever Bind, Share the blessing, or Withstand Attack will also be active and cycled out each week.

Never After is an adventure RPG set in a multiverse that connects the worlds of fairy tales everyone was told as a child, where characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and the Mad Hatter all exist alongside each other. However, not everything is as it seems in this twisted fairy tale realm. Characters are no longer bound by the endings of their original stories, which means they are free to explore the land of make-believe and create epic adventures of their own.

Never After has received several other major content updates throughout 2022, including the addition of a wedding system that lets players marry each other, and the ability to earn the loyalty of powerful Eudemons and fight alongside them in battle.

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