Wemade hosts G-STAR 2022 on the theme of ‘Life is Game’

  • Sneak peak at Night Crows and Legend of YMIR
  • CEO Henry Chang will give a keynote at ‘G-CON X IGC Conference’
  • ‘Wemade X G-STAR 2022 Special Page’ opens on Nov 10

Wemade is hosting B2C and B2B booths at G-STAR 2022 from Nov 17 to 20. With the theme of ‘Life is Game’, it will showcase 2 new games and present the WEMIX ecosystem.

First, the B2C booth will have a stage and a trial zone where users can experience Wemade and WEMIX.

At the trial zone, Night Crows by MADNGINE and Legend of YMIR by Wemade XR will show a sneak peak of the games for the first time. People can also try out contents of the WEMIX ecosystem such as blockchain games that are on WEMIX PLAY, DAO & NFT platform NILE, Life App Tangled and SNKRZ, and the metaverse platform Bagel.

The stage will have producers of the 2 new games talk about the games and share their insights.

At the B2B booth, Wemade will continue to expand the WEMIX ecosystem. It will have business meetings with many partners and discuss the status of new games.

Wemade CEO, Henry Chang, will give a keynote speech at G-CON X IGC Conference. The speech will take place on Nov 18 and the topic will be on ‘New Paradigm: Inter-game Economy and the Metaverse’.

On Nov 17, Shane Kim, VP of Wemade, will also give a speech at the same conference on the topic of ‘Wemade’s Platform Strategy’. On the same day, Wonil Seo, Executive VP of Business Development Department, will talk about the WEMIX ecosystem, the status of onboarded games and future plans.

“We are very thrilled to end WIN2022 (WEMIX in NFT 2022) as the main sponsor of G-STAR 2022,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “We will strive to become the best global digital economy platform in 2023 as well.”

On Nov 10, Wemade will open a special page. The special page will have detailed information on Night Crows, Legend of YMIR and partners of WEMIX.

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Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest