ARV achieves a remarkable milestone in unmanned aerial vehicle industry with the launch of Horrus, Thailand’s first fully automated drone solution

ARV achieves a remarkable milestone in unmanned aerial vehicle industry with the launch of Horrus, Thailand’s first fully automated drone solution Aiming to expand UAV commercial use in medium and large businesses and government sector

AI and Robotics Ventures (ARV) marked a phenomenal success in unmanned aerial vehicle industry by launching Horrus, the first-of-its-kind fully automated drone solution in Thailand. The novel unmanned aerial vehicle helped unlock restrictions previously encountered from the application of drone in various specific industries, as witnessed from the pilot trial of Horrus at the PTTEP Technology and Innovation Centre (PTIC), with significant outcomes in improving cost and operating efficiency, as well as reducing the risk to human workers. The company is currently experimenting potential application of Horrus in social welfare and environmental care activities, with plan to launch commercial operations through partnership with medium and large business organizations and government agencies.

Dr. Thana Slanvetpan, General Manager, AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited (ARV), the technology development and venture building spin-off from PTTEP, said that “Our mission is to develop and build upon knowledge base in deep learning technology to support PTTEP’s petroleum exploration and production activities with aim to enhance the company’s competitiveness, as well as bring business value to several other industries such as agriculture, construction and energy. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are currently playing a significant role in Thailand’s infrastructure development and economic growth. Unmanned aerial vehicle or drone technology has now been used in a wide variety of industrial applications and more widely adopted as it can help increase work efficiency, reduce the risk of human workers, as well as become more and more involved in emergency response and rescue mission. However, the key challenge that hinders the wide-spread application of drone is the need of control by highly sought-after experienced UAV pilot.”

ARV is well-versed and experienced in unmanned aerial vehicle technology thanks to our business unit Skyller Solutions which leverages the technology for various business applications and uncovers three major pain points from the use of drone in industry sectors. First, there are very few local experienced UAV pilot in Thailand. Second, the cost of hiring a drone pilot is high and one pilot has a limited flying time, making the total cost of each flying mission unaffordable for most businesses. Third, restrictions from air-space, terrain, weather conditions and other uncontrollable situations can pose a risk to drone pilot,” added Dr. Thana.

“ARV developed Horrus as the first fully automated drone solution in Thailand, marking an important step in the revolution of drone industry in the country. The solution enhances the capability of UAV technology to the next level by automatically deploying on a programmed mission and routinely repeating the mission through remote control system, all without the need of UAV pilot,” said Dr. Thana.

Pakpoom Kriengkomol, Robotic Team Lead, AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited (ARV) added that “Horrus comprises three main components: a 4-blade unmanned drone that can fly continuously for about 30 minutes on a single charge, a remote control base, and a ground control station which serves as a base for receiving flight commands and battery charging. With these three parts working together, Horrus user will be able to pre-program flight mission through a remote control, then a drone will be automatically dispatched to carry out and complete the programmed mission at designated location accurately. After completing the mission, the drone will fly back to the ground control station located within a radius of 6 km. for recharging. The ground control station is also equipped with processing unit to upload and transfer photo and video taken by drone camera to user or even live broadcast the location for real-time viewing through internet connection.”

ARV is currently piloting Horrus at PTTEP Technology and Innovation Centre (PTIC), as well as applied the solution in the exploration mission of petroleum drilling rigs by performing routine inspection, in replacement of human workers. The task of taking photos, videos and transmitting thermal waves to detect internal and external cracks in fuel manholes can be quickly and completely performed by the dispatched unmanned drone, increasing work safety for human workers while improving cost and operating efficiency of the organization. The company planned to expand the use case of Horrus into other energy exploration and production businesses of PTT group as well as other industries. Moreover, ARV is exploring potential use case of the solution beyond business benefits to social welfare and environmental care activities, such as exploring natural resources, coastal security, disaster relief efforts and fire and forest fire detection. Skyller, a business unit of ARV, is currently developing fire-fighting drone technology which helps first responders to detect and extinguish forest fire with plan for official launch soon.

“ARV planned to capitalize on Horrus by developing new UAV-based commercial services for medium and large business organizations and government agencies who are interested in applying advanced technology to increase cost and operating efficiency, as well as enhance overall business capability. Our industry focuses are energy exploration and production, construction, industrial estates, renewable energy, telecommunication, agribusiness, transportation, and public utility and large-scale structure surveying. For more information, please contact or call 02-078-4000,” concluded Pakpoom.

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