EPEIOS 14-Liter 6-in-1 Air Fryer Oven Makes Cooking A Cinch

Global pandemics since 2020 haven’t made it easy to dine out. The costs of constantly ordering delivery or takeout can stack up quickly, along with the calories brought by unnecessary fat, sugar, and salt.

As a growing number of people have prioritized cooking at home, EPEIOS makes it even easier to avoid unhealthy choices without losing flavor by the EPEIOS CP247A – the latest model in the Epicure+ Air Fryer Oven series, a highly-functional air fryer with much larger capacity like an oven.

EPEIOS CP247A air fryer oven covers 6 functions: air fry, oven, bread toaster, food dryer, defrost, and dough proofing. That pretty much fulfils most of your cooking needs. Not to mention its dual heating mode lets you choose freely between top and bottom heating based on the meals.

Epeios CP247A air fryer oven use a 360-degree circulation of hot air to cook food and the temperature can go up to 220 °C (428 °F). It uses up to 75% less oil and at least 20% less time compared to traditional fryers. That means you’re able to cook healthier versions of your favorite dishes and snacks.

While most air fryers in the market come with limited capacity that might only be suitable for up to 2 people’s meals, EPEIOS air fryer oven, as a specific type of air fryer, innovatively offers a larger capacity with less counter space take up. Hence called an air fryer OVEN.

The 14L (14.8 QT) impressive capacity allows you to air fry or toast up to 15 slices of bread at once, bake a 2.9-pound chicken, or cook a 10-inch pizza. It is big enough to fit 3 racks simultaneously at most, by which you can cook mains and sides at the same time for quick family meals.

If you’re new to owning an air fryer, or even new to the kitchen, the 16 presets programs – fries, wings, steak, chips, fish, vegetables, popcorn, chicken, cake, skewer, pizza, toast, cookie, defrost, dehydrate, and keep warm – will get you through the pre-familiar stage.


By providing handy, innovative, experience-driven smart home appliances with minimalistic aesthetic, EPEIOS was set up to make EPEIOS users’ daily lives simple, pleasant, and stylish

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