SABUY launching new strategy: Connecting Offline to Online from SABUY Solutions to SABUY Supply Chain

SABUY introduces SABUY Solutions Co., Ltd., a Subsidiary providing Food Court Management System and Retail Management System (POS). To connect Offline to Online Business, within SABUY Ecosystem to SABUY Supply Chain, SABUY sets up SABUY Market Plus Co., Ltd. and SABUY Food Plus Co., Ltd. by teaming up with Food Ville Co., Ltd., a distributor of over 5,000 high-quality fresh and dry raw material food, dry food and food ingredients products to cater for the fast-growing food supply business, boosted by the rapid growth of online business resulting from Covid-19 pandemic. This development will further enhance and integrate SABUY Solutions services capability.

Since early 2021, SABUY Group has continuously launched new businesses under SABUY Ecosystem. With Food Court and POS systems SABUY Solutions utilizes these core businesses in linking offline channel to SABUY Ecosystem reaching out to online customers. Recently, Mr. Narongchai Wongthanavimok, a highly experienced executive from financial services industry, joined SABUY Group as SABUY Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, who commented as follow:

“Currently, SABUY Solutions (SBS) is the No. 1 leader in food court management system with over 15-year experiences. There are over 200 food courts nationwide in our network, serving leading hyper markets such as TOPS, Lotus’s and Terminal 21. Since early 2021, SBS has developed by leveraging food court system to use with POS. This will not only appeal to retail shops but can also expand to various related businesses such as barber, salon, spa, massage, etc. in handling their inventory management, cost management, CRM as well as loyalty program through SABUY Exchange (another subsidiary of SABUY Group). We intended to provide a real ‘One-Stop Service Solution’ food court and POS system, by connecting to our 2 new companies, SABUY Food Plus and SABUY Market Plus. This advantage will enable SABUY Solutions to expand to 500 food courts and 60,000 POS outlets within the next 2-3 years.”

Mr. Wirach Morakotkarn, SABUY Chief Commercial and Investment Officer, also talks about the launch of SABUY Food Plus Co., Ltd. and SABUY Market Plus Co., Ltd.

“This Investment aims to link SABUY Solution’s services to SABUY Supply Chain, in strengthening SABUY business and ecosystem. SABUY Group is pleased to announce a joint venture with Foodville Group, our first partner in the supply chain business. Foodville is an expert in sourcing of food supply while SABUY is an expert in providing payment solution to SME food shop via SABUY Solutions’ POS. Our JV will supply fresh and dry food supply, ingredients, cooking equipment and kitchenware to customers under the One-stop Service Solution concept. We will provide Service Support through our technology to our SME customers via SABUY POS, starting from 1 June, this year. SABUY Market Plus has already started its online commerce business, where the first launch was 40 collections of Doraemon-themed mineral and drinking waters through Shopee and Lazada market place since last month.”

Mr. Wiwat Avasiriphongs, Chief Executive Officer of Food Ville Co., Ltd. says that “Foodville has operated the fresh and dry food supply business since 2009. Our major customers include leading hospitals, international schools and major restaurant chains.

Foodville has been one of market leaders in providing One-stop food supply service. We have strong and sustainable corporate customer base by ensuring highest customer satisfaction in our products and logistics service. Foodville help reduce costs and increases customers’ efficiency in inventory management.

In partnering with SABUY, we will perfectly combine our unique strengths and 10-year experiences to operate a B2B food supply service business in connecting with eCommerce platform under SABUY ecosystem.”

SABUY Food Plus will start providing food, raw materials and products via SABUY POS online through SABUY Solutions. For more information, please contact Call Center at 02-009-0500 or

Source: Brand Wealth