Hammock Announces Launch of “AssetView I” Software That Detects Personal Number Files and Take Measures in Compliance with Personal Data Protection Act

Hammock Co., Ltd., together with NETCUBE (THAILAND) CO., LTD., which is the sole distributor in Thailand, announced on December 9 that “AssetView I (Personal Information Search),” a security software program for personal information protection already introduced to more than 9,500 companies and government offices including the Panasonic Group, will go on sale in April 2021.

The product release is timed with the effectuation of the “Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)” in May 2021. Under the law, if a manager’s negligence is found to be the cause of a leak, the manager is also subject to criminal penalties, which can result in imprisonment or fines, or both.

This product can detect personal numbers in information files and grasp how many personal information files exist on all PCs. The company has made it possible to take measures in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act for personal computers by auditing personal information files every month.

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