East-West Seed Launches Thailand Online Recipe Contest to Promote Healthy Eating During the United Nations’ International Year of Fruits and Vegetables

5 Winners Will Receive 10,000 Thai Baht Each
Contest Open from Now Until December 31, 2021 at www.eastwestseed.recipes

To raise awareness of the health benefits gained when consumers eat more fruits and vegetables in their daily diets, East-West Seed (www.eastwestseed.com) is now accepting recipe entries at www.eastwestseed.recipes for its International Year of Fruits and Vegetables Recipe contest.

Five winners, one for each of five recipe categories, will be awarded 10,000 THB as determined by four judges. Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2021 (extended from December 13). The five categories in which consumers can submit recipes are: Appetizers, Main Courses, Side Dishes, Desserts, and New Traditions (traditional recipes made healthier by creatively replacing or adding healthier ingredients).

According to a “Suan Dusit Poll” (Chalauysup, 2020), Thai consumers have changed their habits during COVID-19, including 85.30% having more concern for their health and 62.77% considering food nutrition when purchasing foods.

The same contest recently drove a strong response among consumers in the Philippines, with nearly 1,000 people submitting their recipes for consideration.

“Around the world, the pandemic has brought significant and positive changes to diet and nutrition. By consuming more fruits and vegetables, we are making significant improvements to our health and well-being for generations to come,” said Mary Ann Sayoc, public affairs lead for East-West Seed.

East-West Seed is a market leader in researching, developing, producing, and distributing tropical vegetable seeds. The company plays a crucial role in improving tropical vegetable varieties that smallholder farmers use to generate yields and increase productivity.

The call for recipes allows home chefs to create healthy new meals that could become loved across the country, and long-time favorite dishes are given a nutritious spin.

There’s no set limit to the number of entries an individual can submit per category, but each recipe must feature one or more locally grown vegetables or fruits as featured on the contest website. Each entry must include a high-resolution photo of the recipe submitted.

Visit www.eastwestseed.recipes to enter and for more information.

Source: Foundeast Asia