Innophys’ MUSCLE SUIT Selling Steadily after Topping 20,000 Units

Developed and sold by Innophys Co., Ltd., MUSCLE SUIT has been selling steadily even after exceeding 20,000 units in cumulative total (*1) all over the world recently, making it a fast-selling (*2) exoskeleton assist suit in the world.

(*1) Total number of units shipped since the first-generation model.
(*2) According to Innophys’ research.



MUSCLE SUIT is a wearable assist suit utilizing artificial muscles that are powered by pneumatic pressure without using electricity. Designed to reduce the load applied to the lower back when the user is maintaining a squatting position, holding up someone, lifting a heavy object, etc., MUSCLE SUIT contributes to improving working environments and addressing labor shortages.

Since launching the first MUSCLE SUIT in 2014, Innophys has developed new models every year in an effort to achieve lighter weight and lower prices while maintaining all the functions. In November 2019, Innophys launched MUSCLE SUIT Every, with even lighter weight and lower pricing made possible through mass production.


Active expansion into international markets

In 2020, Innophys started to enter international markets in earnest, focusing mainly on exploring sales networks in Europe and Asia. Through these measures, the series sold a cumulative total of over 20,000 units in just over one year after selling 10,000 units in March 2020.



Innophys is looking for distribution partners to deliver MUSCLE SUIT to people around the world engaged in heavy physical labor, including at factories, in nursing care, and in agriculture.

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Source: Innophys Co., Ltd.

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