Gojek and Bio-Eco collaborate to help GoFood merchants reduce plastic waste

Gojek and Bio-Eco collaborate to help GoFood merchants reduce plastic waste
Companies to offer biodegradable packaging options for food delivery under Gojek’s GoGreener initiative

Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile on-demand services platform, today announced a collaboration with Bio-Eco Co. Ltd., a supplier of 100% compostable single-use packaging, to offer its merchant partners GC-Compostable-labeled packaging options for food pick-up and delivery orders on GoFood.

The partnership is part of Gojek’s GoGreener initiative, a key pillar of the company’s sustainability strategy, which focuses on limiting environmental impact through efforts such as reducing plastic consumption, reducing the carbon footprint across its ecosystem and more. The initiative supports the company’s ambitious goal to become a Zero Waste platform by 2030.

Gojek and Bio-Eco will work together to launch a dedicated online platform to allow Gojek merchant partners to easily browse for and order eco-friendly packaging from a wide range of options – all of which are 100% compostable and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All Gojek merchant partners are eligible to receive a 15% discount and free delivery on their orders through July 31, 2021. Gojek will also promote merchants partners who use eco-friendly packaging within its app, allowing consumers to more easily support them.

Shri Chakravarthy, Gojek Thailand’s Country General Manager said, “Collaboration is key to addressing the plastic waste problem, and Gojek is delighted to work with Bio-Eco to offer an accessible solution for our more than 40,000 merchant partners and a food delivery option for consumers that’s kinder to the planet. By offering more affordable options, we hope to lower the barrier for merchants to make the switch to biodegradable packaging – something that has traditionally been a blocker for them.”

“We’re also encouraging our users to ‘opt out’ of single-use plastics on their food delivery orders using the in-app chat box. Every bit helps. Since 2019, Gojek’s global waste reduction efforts have prevented 13+ tons – and collected an additional 6.3+ tons – of single-use plastic waste. And we’ll continue to look for new ways to tackle waste in Bangkok while supporting everyone in our ecosystem sustainably.”

Varinthorn Yuvimolchai, Bio-Eco Co.Ltd.’s General Director, said: “It is our utmost pleasure to participate in Gojek’s GoGreener initiative. The GC-Compostable label on all of GC Group’s bioplastic products ensures that they are sterile, safe, 100% compostable and in compliance with international standards, without causing microplastic pollution. We are also offering 15% discounts to Gojek’s merchant partners that would like to shift to eco-friendly packages. Users who order via Gojek will not only be able to enjoy a variety of delicious meals and fast delivery, but they can also feel good about making a choice that helps the planet.”

Interested merchants can find additional information at www.bio-eco.co.th or GoBiz, Gojek’s dedicated app for merchant partners.

About Gojek
Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand platform and a pioneer of the multi-service ecosystem model, providing access to a wide range of services including transportation, food delivery, logistics and more. Gojek is founded on the principle of leveraging technology to remove life’s daily frictions by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market.

The company was first established in 2010 focusing on courier and motorcycle ride-hailing services, before launching the app in January 2015 in Indonesia. Since then, Gojek has grown to become the leading on-demand platform in Southeast Asia, providing access to a wide range of services from transportation, to food delivery, logistics and many others.

Gojek now operates across main cities in four Southeast Asian countries. As of March 2021, Gojek’s application and its ecosystem have been downloaded more than 190 million times by users across Southeast Asia.

Gojek is dedicated to solving the daily challenges faced by consumers, while improving the quality of life for millions of people across Southeast Asia, especially those in the informal sector and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The Gojek application is available for download via iOS and Android.

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