UrbanStar Group of Companies Seeking International Master Distribution Agent and Announces its Newest Canadian Land Investment Offerings of 157 Acres $22,500,000.00

UrbanStar Group is a specialized firm that designs, implements and operates real estate asset management solutions for investors in Canada.

UrbanStar uses its expertise to provide our 3000+ investors with quality land investment opportunities and currently manages over 1000 acres of raw land with a total potential buildout of over 2300 mixed use housing units, 250,000 sq ft of commercial space and a potential build out value of $ 2.3 Billion.

International Master Distribution Agents

UrbanStar is seeking valued distribution partners with a focus on Canadian Land Developmentopportunities. If you are looking to diversify your client’s portfolio with Canadian Real Estate, we would encourage you to get familiar with UrbanStar’s land offerings as we pride ourselves on our market knowledge, prudent land acquisition philosophy and our ability to offer qualified investors real estate investment opportunities in Canada.

Click here (https://www.urbanstargroup.ca/wp-content/uploads/USCochraneLakes_ReferralOpportunities_Eng_V1.pdf) International Master Distribution Agent           

U rbanStar Cochrane North and South  LTD.-$22,500,000.00 Land Offering in Alberta Canada

157 Acres of Bare Land Real Estate available to qualified investors for investment.

Click here (https://www.urbanstargroup.ca/wp-content/uploads/USCochraneLakesNorth_TermSheet_ENG_V1.pdf) Cochrane North 104 acres-$15,000,000.00

Click here (https://www.urbanstargroup.ca/wp-content/uploads/USCochraneLakesSouth_TermSheet_ENG_V1.pdf) Cochrane South 53 acres-$7,500,000.00

Visit  https://www.urbanstargroup.ca/ to learn about the company’s business strategy and current Canadian land opportunities or call 01-403-984-4050.

This news release does not constitute a solicitation or an offer to purchase the securities referred to herein, which is being made to qualified investors.

LINE app invitation https://lin.ee/QwdU2U5 

Contact: Andre Benson, invest@UrbanStarGroup.ca

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