The Korea Ginseng Association to introduce the increasing status of Korean ginseng in the world

The Korea Ginseng Association introduced the value and benefits of Korean ginseng, which is growing in popularity across the world. There have been recent clinical studies that certified the health benefits of Korean ginseng, including improved immunity, bone health, and fatigue recovery. Moreover, Korean ginseng is about to be listed as Korea’s intangible national heritage. The 2021 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo sponsored by the Korea Ginseng Association will also be held next year to promote the benefits of Korean ginseng.

The Korea Ginseng Association is formed to globalize the Korean ginseng and to promote sound development of Korean ginseng industry. The association is being managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

According to the association, there are 6-7 types of ginseng in the world, but only 3 types are valued as trade goods. Including Korean ginseng from Korea, known as the home of ginseng, America’s Panax quinquefolius L. and China’s Panax notoginseng F.H. are recognized for its health benefits and profitability.

The production of Korean ginseng likely started in the 18th century, and the farming methods and processing techniques from the Joseon era have continued to this day. Korean ginseng is produced in the best environment including the climate, soil quality, and landscape that it boasts outstanding quality and benefits. Indeed, ginsenosides Ra, Rf, Rg3, Rh2, which are saponin properties of ginseng, have been only discovered only in Korean ginseng. 

The Korean Cultural Heritage Administration is about to recognize the farming methods and the medicinal culture of Korean ginseng as intangible national heritage. Moreover, the 2021 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo ( will be held in Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea from September 17 to October 10. The expo will showcase many events and programs.

“We are glad Korean ginseng is garnering many interests from the world. We hope the recognition of it as the intangible national heritage and the 2021 Yeongju World Punggi Ginseng Expo will reinforce the status of Korean ginseng and Korea as the home of ginseng”, said Mr. Jang, the manager of the Korea Ginseng Association.

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