CrossAngle joins 40 WONDERS as WONDER 5

Wemade signed an NCP (node council partner) with CrossAngle and welcomed the company as one of 40 WONDERS, the governance partners of WEMIX3.0 ecosystem. CrossAngle, a leader in aggregating vital information about blockchain projects in the crypto industry and offers a global crypto assets platform dedicated to transparency and reliability, has joined WEMIX3.0 as WONDER 5.

WONDERS, also known as NCP(Node Council Partner), validates the transactions and blocks of the WEMIX and maintains the connections of the additional nodes to stably operate the Mainnet. The unique identification number from 1 to 40 can be chosen by the partner, taking a crucial role to keep the security of the WEMIX3.0 Mainnet.

CrossAngle operates the Xangle platform which helps projects communicate with their stakeholders in crystal clarity. The added clarity improves efficiency that ultimately leads to an air of accountability from which all stakeholders can extract benefit daily. Xangle’s vision is to achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology through transparency & accountability.

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Source: PRNewswire/InfoQuest