Bangchak and Krungthai Bank Offering “Bangchak Digital Debenture” for the First Time on “Paotang Application”

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited joins Krungthai Bank offering “Bangchak Digital Debenture” exclusively through the digital debenture wallet on the Paotang application, with an investment period of 4 years, with a fixed interest rate of 3.60%, paid every 6 month, worth THB 3,000 million, which opens from 18 – 20 October. The initial subscription of THB 5,000 provides an opportunity for all investors groups for sustainability investment, reflecting its strength as the Leader in Energy Transition. With the “first come, first serve” transaction, investors are advised to download the “Paotang” application, and complete the digital debenture wallet registration and suitability test, then top up money or link the account to a Krungthai Bank account today.

Surachai Kositsareewong, Senior Executive Vice President Accounting and Finance, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, or BCP, revealed that the company is ready to offer the first “Bangchak Digital Debenture” exclusively through the digital debenture wallet service on the “Paotang” application supporting the ease of access to the capital market in the digital age, which is convenient and safe. The digital debenture is named, unsubordinated, unsecured, and has a Debenture holders’ representative, worth THB 3,000 million, a 4-year investment period, with an annual interest rate of 3.60%, payable every 6 month, assigned a credit rating of “A-”, stable, by TRIS Rating on 18 August 2022, reflecting the Bangchak sustainability-oriented strength and growth opportunities.

Bangchak Digital Debenture is named, unsubordinated, unsecured, and has a Debenture holders’ representative, offered online through Krungthai Bank’s “Paotang” application from 08.30 on 18 October 2022, with an initial investment of only THB 5,000, so individual and digital investors can access Bangchak Digital Debenture equally, and also provides an option to received constant and stable returns from fixed interest payments, aligned with the direction of Bangchak’s growth.

Surachai added that the company’s first digital debenture offering is expected to be well-received by investors who care confident in the company, as the Leader in Energy Transition, that has consistently created green innovation for society and the environment. The company’s strength also comes from a diverse portfolio covering upstream to downstream businesses, integration between the refining and marketing businesses, and ongoing investments towards new businesses. “Bangchak Digital Debenture” provides investors with the company’s stability, ready to provide fixed returns during the term period. The company will use the proceeds from the fundraising to the greatest possible efficiency, and continue to strengthen its business sustainability.

Rawin Boonyanusasna, Senior Executive Vice President Group Head, Managing Director, Global Markets Group, revealed that the bank has addressed all the dimensions with regards to the efficiently offering Bangchak Digital Debenture on the “Paotang” application. “Paotang” is a Thailand Open Digital Platform developed by Infinitas By Krungthai allowing investors to justly and equally access Bangchak Digital Debentures, and carryout transactions conveniently, quickly, and in real-time 24-hours a day; able to receive debentures and payments instantly. Moreover, the application also allows users to show holdings, and trading prices, through Blockchain technology which is transparent and auditable.

Bangchak Digital Debentures will be allocated to users who have successfully subscribed and paid via the “Paotang” application or “First Come, First Serve”. In order to prepare, investors and those interested should download the “Paotang” application and register the “Digital Debenture Wallet” prior to the subscription date.

“The bank is confident that Bangchak Digital Debentures will be well received by investors as an interesting option while investors are finding investment assets from businesses with high capabilities and growth opportunities under acceptable risks. Moreover, Bangchak is an energy company that has been with the Thai people for a long time, operating business in harmony with society and the environment, with clear goals committed to green innovation, delivering sustainable growth.”

For those interested, register the “Digital Debenture Wallet” on the “Paotang” application starting today, and subscription will commence at 08.30 on 18 October 2022 until fully subscribed, no later than 15.00 on 20 October 2022. The minimum subscription is THB 5,000, increasing in increments of THB 5,000, limited to no more than THB 50 million per person. Study the registration process for the Paotang application and digital debenture wallet at or review the details of the draft prospectus for the debenture at or Krungthai Contact Center Tel. 02-111-1111 or any Krungthai Bank branch, and for more information on Bangchak Group businesses contact or 02-335-8663, 02-335-4370 and 02-335-8518.

Source: Bangchak Corporation