Srisawad ventures into the insurance business by joining forces with leading insurers to incorporate a one stop service aims to achieve over 2-billion-baht in 2021

Srisawad synergized with leading insurance companies to penetrate the insurance brokerage market. By expanding services to cover all types of insurance underlining the “One Stop Credit and Insurance Services by Srisawad” slogan, the campaign targets new and existing customers. Thida Kaewbootta, Director of Srisawad Corp PCL put full force in advancing into the insurance market with a jaw-dropping promotion offering a 0% installment deal for up to 8 installments making Srisawad the first company in Thailand to issue immediate insurance policy to the customer. Srisawad targets insurance portfolio to grow over 2-billion-baht by the end of 2021.

Thida Kaewbootta, Vice President Corporate Strategy of Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited, better known as SAWAD, revealed that the company is ready to expand into related businesses to create a proper business ecosystem enabling Srisawad to offer a One Stop Service to their customers. The company is continuing the collaborations with leading insurance companies in Thailand to provide fully integrated services, including non-life insurance, life insurance, credit protection insurance, and compulsory insurance to new and existing customers who prefer convenient and speedy services via more than 5,000 branches nationwide. To help ease the burden of paying the full insurance premium in this fragile economy, Srisawad presents a special promotion with a 0% interest rate for up to 8 installments where customers still gain coverage.

In addition, the company has developed an innovative Insurance Broker System (IBS) to support insurance sales at branches. IBS is recognized as a system that helps increase the efficiency of services and reduce the waiting time for approvals. The system allows customers to select an insurance company to compare insurance premiums. It also enables staff to offer inclusive products and assists customers to gain same-day insurance policy. The Insurance Broker System will raise the bar for the insurance industry. With the company’s extensive experience and expertise, Srisawad is ready to offer these state-of-the-art services to their customers.

“According to the data from the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC), it predicts that the insurance business will have a total of 847-billion-baht insurance premiums in 2021, an increase of 0.64% from the previous year. These figures reflect the significance of the insurance market and its positive future. The growth of the insurance market may prove to be an opportunity for all players. Hence, Srisawad decided to step up for the challenge and compete for a share to increase our portfolio growth and we aim to score a 2-billion-baht growth target by the end of 2021. With the company readiness and competency, Srisawad is now able to provide one of the most comprehensive insurance packages for customers under the slogan ‘One Stop Credit and Insurance Services by Srisawad’. We also offer special promotion that answer customers’ demands. We aspire to make loans and insurance easy, accessible, and hassle-free for everyone via a smooth and quick service. Notably, Srisawad will be the first and only company in Thailand to offer the same-day insurance policy which is now available at Srisawad branches nationwide,” said Thida.

Srisawad Corp PCL has cooperated with 11 leading insurance companies, namely Bangkok Insurance, Viriyah Insurance, Chubb Samaggi Insurance, Syn Mun Kong Insurance, Tokio Marine Insurance, Dhipaya Insurance, Falcon Insurance, Thaivivat Insurance, and Muang Thai Assurance, LMG Insurance, and Allianz Ayudhya General Insurance to present voluntary car insurance products covering the type 1, type 2, and type 3. Interested parties may consult and obtain a service at more than 5,000 branches of Srisawad nationwide. For more information, visit the website. or call 1652.

Source: Srisawad Corporation