MC Group robustly promotes exports, now building brand awareness in Malaysia, Reaching Singapore and Indonesia in 1 year

Mrs. Chananyarak Phetcharat, chief executive officer of MC Group Public Company Limited (MC) – a leading retail organization of fashion and lifestyle products, said the company signed a partnership contract with Heedspace Sdn Bhd that is highly experienced in brand development in Malaysia. The cooperation with the Malaysian partner is an important stepping-stone of MC in its policy to expand its customer bases in other countries. The company plans to promote brand awareness in Malaysia and Singapore and then in Indonesia. The move is aimed at effectively introducing Thailand’s “Mc Jeans” to customers in targeted countries through online channels and endorsement by celebrities. This is to allow Mc Jeans to make its stable and sustainable presence in international markets.

“An important reason behind the Malaysian partner’s decision to introduce Mc in the Malaysian fashion industry is that we are the jeans leader in Thailand and has been in the business for 45 years. Besides, we have clear marketing strategies. We have developed our own sales channels through on e-commerce platforms including Lazada and Shopee and via social media like Facebook, Instagram and LINE. As well, we have connected offline sales channels at over 600 branches nationwide seamlessly with online channels through the Omni-Channel Model that allows customers to shop anywhere and anytime with efficient salespersons. These strategies have clearly proved to be successful. In the first half of the 2021 fiscal year (from July 1 to December 31, 2020), the profit of the company rose significantly and its online sales soared by as much as three times. These are parts of the successes that resulted from the development of our own e-commerce platforms. Our highly potential e-commerce platforms can be applied to develop business in Malaysia and used as role models in other countries in the future,” said the chief executive officer.

Mrs. Chananyarak added that in the next 3-4 months, the company would use its resources seriously for marketing and brand awareness via social media and have influencers introduce Mc Jeans to consumers. The company expects Mc Jeans to make its presence felt in Malaysia and Singapore within a year. Mc will be presenting its product hero collections to support its marketing campaigns in other countries.

The company hopes that campaigns in international markets will play important roles and result in its growth on wider customer bases and increases in its sales and revenue in the future. Under its three-year business plan, the company foresees that revenue from international markets will form a bigger share in its total revenue.

“The company has its steadily growing online sales channels which are the main reason for its good performance amid the COVID-19 crisis and these channels are effective tools to support its exports.”

Earlier Mc Jeans together with an international partner launched a marketing campaign in the Premier League of England. The “Legend on Legend” campaign conducted with the concept of “Mc Jeans, Everyday is a match day” resulted in the presence of the Mc Jeans logo in Premier League matches of world-renowned teams. The campaign received a warm welcome.

Source: MC Group

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